09.25.2012 11:21 AM

Came-to-lunch-too-early observations about life and whatnot

As usual, I wasn’t paying attention. Thought my lunch with an old political pal was at noon. It’s at 12:30.

So, I’m seated, and I’ve got half an hour to kill. So here are some linkless, contextless observations about…stuff.

1. Neck tattoos are stupid. Mail room, here you come. There, I said it.

2. Fight The Right leaked out early at a bookstore in Toronto. I won’t tell you where. It happens.

3. If a political person had done what Margaret Wente did, Margaret Wente would be braying for said political person’s head.

4. I’m going to Ottawa tonight for business. A visit to The Black Tomato is inevitable, and advisable.

5. I need a haircut. I look like the crazy professor in Back To The Future. I frighten small children.

6. Speaking of which, I have two kids in high school. Life is what happens when you aren’t looking. Trust me.

7. The songs I write for SFH, SFH will tell you, are all ultimately about self-loathing and loss of faith. There’s a reason for that.

8. The best diner in the world is The Patrician, on King Street East. Tell Terry I sent you, and he may abuse you a little less.

9. I’ve been doing this dumb web site for more than a decade. I’ve been writing a daily journal for forty years. Never missed a day. Haven’t been profound once.

10. I can see the end. Can you?


  1. Jon Evan says:

    “Speaking of which, I have two kids in high school. Life is what happens when you aren’t looking. Trust me.”

    Agreed… Same situation. I wasn’t looking and hoping for the best. The best didn’t happen for one of them. I got to pay more attention…

  2. jack says:

    The end of what?

  3. frmr Disgruntled Con now Happy Lib says:

    That journal is going to be a base for one helluva autobiography some day……
    About the hair…..I thought you and your hair looked great on “The Outsider” the other day……
    No. 10 worries me, Mr. K…..

  4. buck says:

    Town on Elgin is also worth checking out, dining-in-ottawa-wise

  5. W the K - No, not Warren says:

    “10. I can see the end. Can you?”

    Yup. Of living in this city that I love. It’s starting to belong to a different generation. From failing hands, and all that.

    It’s a few years away but I’m buying a kayak and getting the hell outta Dodge.

  6. Mr. Murdoch esq. says:

    Here is some fun…Insurance companies apparently have paid out $200 million and counting, helping some Toronto residents recover from a torrential rainstorm that ruined basements. The damage was caused by the City sewers backing up in basements . Mayor Ford took a tour of the damage and was very concerned and had told people they would not be “out of pocket” and was very moved by the extent of the damage. All the insurance companies now want homes to have back flow preventers and the city has a subsidy program available to help homeowners. Apparently Ford is currently trying to cancel the program.

  7. Mike in Toronto says:

    5. I need a haircut. I look like the crazy professor in Back To The Future. I frighten small children.

    I spotted you typing into your BlackBerry at the corner of Yonge and Charles last week or the week before. The hair looked fine. Hardly scary at all.

  8. Kevin says:

    I think, until you look like Clifford Stoll, you can’t really complain about the hair.

  9. David_M says:

    Its not actually the end. Its a waiting area where you can briefly catch your breath and then its explained to you that the short fun part of the journey is now over.
    You will now have to prepare as the difficult long part is about to begin.

  10. Ronald O'Dowd says:


    Smart as hell of you to save profound for the war room.

  11. MIchael Andrews says:

    Be happy you can sport a Pierre Pettigrew coiffure, rather than a Marc Lalonde

  12. michael hale says:

    Yeah, the end comes when you run and win. then Hansard will be your daily journal.

  13. Robert Jago says:

    Re: Point 3 – So are you saying that if you found a Federal Liberal MP, say for example Jim Karygiannis, who had blocks of unattributed text in his speeches, you would condemn him in the same way you seem to be prepared to condemn Margaret Wente (who mind you I’m not at all defending in any way whatsoever)?

    For me, I think it’s a real issue for journalists, we expect them to make an effort at telling the truth, and more importantly to write their own stuff. For politicians, who have bunches of random individuals writing their stuff, and who are on the record way way more than 3 times a week, well they can get a bit of a pass, can’t they? But that’s for me. Up there, I don’t know if I misread you, but it seems that you think both should be held up to the same standards when it comes to ‘misunderattribution’.

  14. Gus Tserotas says:

    I won’t comment on the songs you and your band write, because I’m not into that style of noise, er music, at all. But good heavens guys, can’t you find one person that can actually sing? I realize this is just a fun venture for you guys, but c’mon, find one guy that can sing in key for more than 3 seconds. Thanks.

  15. KP says:

    I always shake my head when I see a kid – and I’m only 27 – with a neck tattoo. I work in a progressive company but there’s still absolutely no way someone with that kind of.. decoration would get a second interview if they applied here. Why give yourself a glass ceiling?

    Also, sorry about the going blind and consorting with atheists thing. I can’t help but feel a bit of responsibility for that.

  16. dave says:

    I missed this tatoo thing, so I liked Alan Bennett writing something along the lines of – I don’t need a tatoo, I have varicose veins.

  17. Geoffrey Laxton says:

    Your teenage daughter won’t think you are cool even if you are in Slayer!


  18. Damien Walsh says:

    this is why I’m a frequent visitor to your site- among other things…

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