09.03.2012 09:01 AM

“Liberal Who”

Seriously, why does anyone give a rat’s ass? The North of the Queensway commentariat are all a-Twitter about it this morning, comme toujours. (Their bitchy solipsism drive me nuts, which is why I don’t read them any more. But that’s a story for another day.)

A few weeks back, when “Liberal Who” sent out a big email to a bunch of writers, me included, I hit Reply All and said: Who cares about you, who.

Still don’t. The last thing the Liberal Party of Canada is more gimmicky, stunty Internet bullshit. We need someone who is preoccupied with, say, real issues – you know, stuff like how we’re going to have a government bent on destroying the country in about 24 hours. A faltering world economy. Growing gap between rich and poor. You know, minor stuff like that.

But, by all means, let’s instead tweet about “Liberal Who,” okay? Ottawa talking about Ottawa. Business as usual.

Man, sometimes I hate those people.


  1. Paul says:

    Wow…don’t hold back or anything.

    For reference, I completely agree.

  2. Dan says:

    You’ve been reading my dream journal.

  3. Teddy Boragina says:

    I never knew I lived in Ottawa!

  4. Philippe says:

    Meanwhile, Mulclair has made it clear that the next phase for them is making their policy priorities clearer (not just opposing). If we don’t watch it, the ndp, who seem to have the right leader and are doing the right things, will become engrained as the progressive option in this country.

  5. Kaplan says:

    What if Liberal Who is Trudeau?

  6. Mulletaur says:

    The Liberal Party of Canada is doomed. I wouldn’t waste a single moment of thought on it.

  7. sylvia Ray says:

    My breath is now officially unbated.

  8. Michael Watkins says:

    I’m a twitter drop-out myself – actually I’ve tuned out to almost all political commentary over the past year – as I’m not really interested in knowing what others, including the press, are thinking about and I’m especially uninterested in their real-time musings.

    More to the point, it has been a very long time since anything interesting and worthwhile in a lasting way came out of Ottawa. When, or if, that situation changes, maybe then I’ll start paying attention again.

  9. Chris P says:

    Agreed. ‘Liberal who’ is going to be an anti-climatic disappointment once it’s revealed it’s someone nobody has heard of starting their campaign from their basement OR it’s the likes of Mark Carney, Frank McKenna etc. at which point I’ll cry.

  10. Anne Oke says:

    just checked liberalwho.ca and that site takes you Rick Mercer’s webpage!

  11. Jim Hanna says:

    Yeah, there was a bit of weird site before, not it does go to Mercer’s webpage, maybe just a prank?

  12. James Di Fiore says:

    “Liberal Who” is a she, I believe. At least, I do know one, an on air personality, who is being encouraged to run. She fits your description perfectly, anyway.

  13. Michael Watkins says:

    While it doesn’t look like her profile on Liberal Who, BC’s Christy Clark will be looking for a job next May.

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