09.21.2012 07:35 AM

My Ford Follies flabbergast

On the one hand, their mere existence hurts conservatives all over the place. Every day, they hammer the conservatives’ brand.  They remind voters why they need to vote liberal.  That certainly was the case in the last provincial election, in the GTA and beyond.

On the other hand, they’re out of control.  They’re idiots.  They’re a Biblical political plague.  They are even losing the support of hardcore conservatives.

Why won’t one of those big-wheel conservatives say to them:  “Stop! Stop! Can’t you two act like adults, for once?”

They won’t, however.  Which should secretly please liberals everywhere.


  1. scanner says:

    Ask yourself, “Does DECO do business with the City? Has it done business with the City in the last 12 years? Did DECO do business with the Province of Ontario while Ford’s father was in the Government?” Nobody knows because the so-called journalists haven’t asked that very cogent question.

  2. Jon says:

    The interview with Denzil Minnan-Wong on Metro Morning today provided another stark moment for this list. Asked by Matt Galloway for a one or two word answer providing advice to the Mayor, Wong actually provided one: “Smarten up.” He’s been one of Ford’s biggest backers and is at the end of his rope.

    Liberal outrage makes sense, just based on his incompetence, but Conservatives should be FURIOUS. Ford has squandered a huge opportunity for them to remake the city in their image, and we’re not going to give them another one.

    • Reality.Bites says:

      There was never an excuse for backing Ford, especially from those who knew him, like Minnan-Wong. Anyone who backed Ford for Mayor deserves defeat in the next election. Ford has always been an idiot and a thug. There’s no news in his latest exploits, just more of the same that goes back years.

      • Dude Love says:

        Why would John Tory leave a comfortable gig on radio and a never ending line of appointments to government committees, etc?

  3. scanner says:

    My hope for the near future: Ford loses the court battle and is ejected from office. City Council meets to choose a mayor. They choose Paula Fletcher. Doug Ford’s head explodes.

  4. truthseeker says:

    Question is… Why won’t the big wheel conservatives step in to do some crowd control? Does the family have that much clout around CON circles? Are they afraid to offend Mrs. Ford (The Patriarch)… or is there another plausible explanation for not stepping in?

    • W the K - No, not Warren says:

      You’ve touched on something.

      I suspect people have always been afraid of the Ford boys, probably going back to their days growing up in Etobicoke. I don’t know the reason why and no one says much about them. At least not on the record.

      Stories on the record about the family read like something from a Tennessee Williams play. There’s farce, triumph, tragedy, and some scary stuff. And that’s just what’s made it to the papers.

      When the Fords’ fall from public grace is complete, and they retreat back to their successful business, someone will write their story. It won’t be a pretty one. But by that point the Fords will elicit pity, not fear. And I hope the people who voted for them feel at least a shred of shame.

    • Michael says:

      Simple answer is that Ford is a loose cannon, that big wheel conservatives can not necessarily control.

      At this point they have seen the hot mess that is Rob Ford, and want to distance themselves.

  5. steve says:

    I heard John Tory on the radio confirm that before he ran for mayor of Toronto he needed “permission” from Rob Fords mother. At that time she said ” Its Rob’s turn next”. Thats the reality of the Ontario Conservative Universe.

  6. JamesHalifax says:


    On another note. If Justin Trudeau keeps making statments I agree with (his new take on the gun registry) it’s going to be hard to keep knocking him down.

    First the oil deal with China….legalize pot and tax it, and now the gun registry.

    Sounds like he’s a little more Conservative than I gave him credit for, or he’s starting to see the light.

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