09.18.2012 10:49 AM

On Escobar’s face-paint

My favouritest sports writer ever, Cathal Kelly, in a typically great column, here.  Provocative and informative, like the best columnists are.


  1. Bill Templeman says:

    It could be worse. He could have written “Harper Detests Us” on his glare patches. He would face immediate deportation

  2. Lisa Lewis says:

    Alhough I do not speak Spanish I have heard the word “maricon” used in movies and TV. I googled it once as I thought I knew what it meant but wanted to be sure. Every time I have heard it used, it has always been said derogatorily at someone as a pejorative i.e. “he is a f_ _” Yes, the word may have different historical connotations however, it has become a defacto homophobic slur and presumably a Spanish speaking person would know that is how most people would perceive it to be.

    This is like trying to justify the word fag by saying it’s another name for cigarette.

  3. wsam says:

    As a fluent Spanish speaker with a Spanish wife who has lived in Spain I thought that article was pretty terrible.

    Besides being homophobic Escobar is embarrassingly illiterate. ‘Ere’ is not the tu form of Ser (to be) in Spanish. It’s ‘eres’. (Nor is it the tu form of Estar which is Estas). I guess that tells you everything you need to know about Cuba’s famed education system. This is worse than saying “I be coming’ or some form of street slang. As the verb translates into English as ‘to be’ it is about as common as it comes. And he gets it wrong!!!! It’s ridiculous. It’s like that Tea Partier waving the sign calling Obama voters ‘morans!’.

    Rather than been lectured for being homophobic he should be publicly ridiculed and mocked for being stupid.

    Obviously there are differences of dialect between Cuba and Spain but basic verbs don’t change.

    Also. I don’t know where the U of T is getting their Professors of Spanish but maricón (with an accent) refers to ladybugs (Mariquitas). A normal way to use this is maricón perdido, literally: lost in faggotism. In Spain, you would never say this to a child. If you said this to anyone, they would either be a close friend, or someone you were hoping to fight. And the Spanish are generally much more foul-mouthed than in South and Central America.

  4. Matt says:

    Escobar is an ass. Worth a trade for a used baseball which I hope happens soon.

  5. wsam says:

    Actually the article wasn’t terrible and Cathal is a pretty good writer as demonstrated by the good job he does when he gets outside his comfort zone and into Spanish grammer.

    Escobar is a moran!!

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