09.18.2012 12:05 PM

Romney’s 47 per cent: he doesn’t care about “those people”

“Those people”? Which people is he referring to?

No answer will be forthcoming, but it probably doesn’t matter.  I now think that Mitt Romney is well and fully done, like dinner.  Game, set, match, etc.  You can’t write off half the United States of America, and then expect to become president.

Barring some cataclysm that hurts Obama, I’d wager that’s that.


  1. Michael S says:

    Sure gives the Occupy folk some justification, dunnit?

  2. Ted H says:

    Two kinds of Republicans, millionaires and suckers.

    • Kelly says:

      Cons, too. Read Thomas Frank’s “The Trouble With Kansas” sometime. It’s all there. They reframed the debate from one of money to one of culture. When the economy was relatively good people voted for the party that praised Jesus the most. But that only works while the economy is good. Deep down most people know hr Republicans were ALWAYS the party of capitalist pigs like Romney. But using your mortgage like an ATM machine allowed folks to forget for awhile. A couple of wars helped too (until the USA lost them, and he wheels fell off the economy). Harper has done he same thing here. It won’t last either. Once the dollar hits $1.10 US and the non-oil export sector REALLY takes a beating nobody but Albertans and southern Saskatchewanians will vote Con.

    • Dan says:

      I’ve never heard it put so well and so succinctly.

    • Sean says:

      hah! perfect!

  3. LD says:

    It is not game over by any means. Two things must be considered:
    1) There are a number of states (mostly swing states like Ohio and Florida) that have now enacted ‘voter-fraud’ measures that require photo id to register / vote in November. This has mostly affected senior, Latino and African American voters.
    2) Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu would very much like a Romney win. He is the wild card that can wreck havoc going in to the final weeks of the campaign. Imagine how an Israeli air attack on Iranian nuclear research facilities would reverberate in the US. Obama’s nightmare fer sure.

  4. dave says:

    Sometimes I think that polls, gaffes, campaign moves…or even policy, take a back seat to what the Citizen’s United decision might mean in the actual vote.
    I also take the point of the person above who mentioned all the ‘voter fraud’ stuff going on down there.

  5. jack says:

    And now we see that the bulk of the 47% of people who paid no federal income tax are from states that voted for John McCain in 2008. So, in fact, these “dependent people” are mostly Republican.

    Once that news comes out and he has to explain that little factoid, it will be a tough go. The independents will win or lose this for him, and with these comments he just does not seem to be prepared to be the President of the USA.

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