09.25.2012 07:40 AM

The Polaris mistake

Look, Feist went to my Calgary high school, Bishop Carroll (as did Alison Redford and Danielle Smith).  She’s amazing.  But Polaris should be about new talent, not people who have already been featured in an Apple commercial.

The Japandroids are the guys who should have won.  And, by the by, this is the song of Summer 2012: bouncing along a backroad in Maine, sun beating down, and four kids screaming along to every word of this amazing, genius anthem.  Joy, it was.  Perfect.  Best Summer ever.

Polaris folks, you made a mistake.


  1. smelter rat says:

    Yes! Not to mention that CBC Radio is playing non stop Feist this am, and it’s driving me nuts.

  2. JP says:

    Well, according to the Polaris Website:

    “Polaris Music Prize nominees and winners will be selected solely on artistic merit without
    regard to genre, sales history or label affiliation”

    Nothing about it having to be ‘new’ talent. So, if you want an award for new Canadian talent, perhaps you should establish one.

    • JP says:

      Did the fucking Guess Who release an album this year? If you disagree with the winner, fine, fair comment. But to complain that the award isn’t for what you want it to be (Best NEW Artist) is just silly.

      • cory says:

        Meh. He has a point. Don’t be so piqued. Your opinion as started is based on a false premise. There’s nothing wrong with thinking it SHOULD favor nw talent though. It just isn’t what it is.

  3. Elliott says:

    Totally agree. Also thanks for the Menzingers. Never would have heard of them here in Asia.

  4. Glen says:

    Bingo! This album is unbelievable. One of the best Canadian albums ever made. More pure emotion than a million Feist albums.

    But fewer bearded fans.

  5. Derek Pearce says:

    Have never listened to Japandroids before and now will start. Great track, that.

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