10.31.2012 07:38 AM

I was excited…

…until I saw who did the poll.

As I said to the assembled progressives last night at Pages: get back to work, get back to telling your story.


  1. Kevin T. says:

    Yeah, I went from “Holy shit!” to “Ah fuck” in one measly little blurb. Still, for the uniformed, it is a seed that can grow over time. If this was the eve of voting day, then the Libs would be totally fooked.

  2. dave says:

    I watch CPAC from time to time, and, if I go by just what the Libs are doing in the House, I figure they have been doing well. Rae is especially effective on his feet…actually, pretty well all of them are. Not bad for a small caucus. Lots to build on from that side of things!

  3. JamesF says:

    I like how the Post muses that if the election were held today the Liberals would win a majority with 160 seats while neglecting to mention that by the time the election actually occurs 160 will no longer be enough for said majority. Such lazy journalism.

  4. Bluegreenblogger says:

    lol, polls are what they are, and this one is asking for a voting intention in fairy-tale land (a general election right now).
    The poll may actually tell us something about softer questions than actual voting intentions, so it is still pleasant to see such a strong vote of confidence in both the Liberal Party, and the Trudeau name. For those who have claimed that for some reason the next Liberal leader needs some kind of decade long plan to rebuild the party, you can now say : Nonesense. It doesn’t take years and years to modernise the electoral machinery, and the Liberal brand has very long legs with the right leadership team. Why shouldn’t there be a rational Liberal majority in 2 -1/2 years? People are DEFINITELY interested, and ready (even eager) to hear from the Liberals.

    • Sean says:

      Exactly. I’d go further and say that Canadians don’t care one bit about how political parties are organised, how they raise money, how they elect leaders. – policy, process, strategy, outreach, volunteers, even GOTV is all fluff and relics of a bygone era. Cool hair and a nice smile will shift 100 + seats.

  5. !o! says:

    Well, forum or not, I’ve felt he has the potential to lead the liberals into making some major inroads in Ontario, which I think will be equally at the expense of the CPC as the NDP. Regardless of what the federal picture looks like, the CPC needs Ontario to form government.

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