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Jerry Agar on “facts”

Jerry Agar, who is a far-right radio shouter, hates Fight The Right. That, of course, delights me.

In his review – which is more about me than the book – Jerry suggests it lacks facts.

Which moves me to ask Jerry: facts, like when someone falsely passed themselves off as American in Kansas City papers? Those kind of facts?

Didn’t you attack Michael Ignatieff for doing the same thing, Jerry?

These guys slay me.

God, not government, gives liberty
The Kansas City Star
Fri Dec 17 2004
Page: 8
Section: B
Byline: By Jerry Agar

…The Founders, unlike kings, knew it wasn’t their right to take our life and liberty. They set up a system in which the government derives its power from the people and its moral guidance from God.

Because we elect our representatives, we can be a godly country with godly leaders while never becoming a theocracy.

If we were to truly achieve a separation of church and state we would have set up a government that has no moral authority above itself.

What then will be our rights? Whatever the government says they are. What Uncle Sam giveth, Uncle Sam taketh away. Who says he can’t?

I believe God says he can’t. The Founding Fathers believed it as well.


  1. pcase says:

    If you have any more gems about Mr. Agar, it would be delightful to learn about them. Would like to witness his well deserved comeuppance.

    There is rarely a more angry and cynical take on politics, life and people than that presented by Jerry.

  2. Brad says:

    I really wonder sometimes whether it’s all an act with Jerry, he has to play up to the listeners on CFRB. It’s like listening to a broken record, same thing, over and over. Nobody can be that stupid and narrow minded.

  3. Kev says:

    What a weird argument. As if the church, any church, is anything like a democratic institution. “What then will be our rights? Whatever the [church] says they are.”

  4. nic coivert says:

    This fellow surely has his head up his arse, he claims that government needs a higher authority than itself so it must follow God, wow, I guess he never heard of the Magna Carta, or Richard Nixon…

  5. AP says:

    Hey Warren thanks for finally uncovering the village in which Jerry Agar is the idiot. Who knew it was Kansas City?

  6. Bob says:

    Agar the right wing hack , originally from Manitoba Canada.
    I guess the Americans got tired of his schtick and sent his ass home.
    He is back in Canada again , the diseased pigions always go home to roast , eventually.

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