11.12.2012 10:34 AM

Fight The Right a bestseller?

So says the Calgary Herald.  Just spotted.  Jumped to number two, which is rather nice of my home town:

This week NON-FICTION Last week

1 Emotional Enlightenment . Jane Birdsell. Interpreting our emotions. 1

2 Fight the Right – Warren Kinsella. How to fight the conservatives.

3 Texting Dictionary of Acronyms . Randall Manning. Decoding text speak. 5

4 The Wisdom of Psychopaths . Kevin Dutton. How psychopathic traits can actually be good. –

5 You could live a long time . Lynd-say Green. How to have more quality of life as we live longer. –

6 Walls . Marcello Di Cintio. People who live behind barricades. 4

7 Seeking the Summit . Sydney Sharpe. The story of Sam Switzer. –

8 The Universe Within . Neil Turok. The future is shaped by the human mind. 3

9 Train in Winter . Caroline Moorehead. Women resisters sent to Auschwitz. –

10 1982 . Jian Ghome-shi. A teenager trying to fit in. 2

Information provided by Owl’s Nest Books and Pages on Kensington




  1. Cath says:

    Have you been to London Ontario for your tour yet for a signing?

  2. W the K - No, not Warren says:

    At least you’re outselling The Wisdom of Psychopaths. Phew!

  3. sj says:

    I knew the book was good. But outselling the Texting Dictionary of Acronyms, that’s impressive

  4. Eric Weiss says:

    Albertans buy books? Does it have pictures?

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