11.09.2012 10:58 AM

Globe paywall

I’m not sure why aggregators, etc. are linking to them anymore, because you hit that infernal paywall now.

I’m sure they’ve been told this many times, but let me echo what others have doubtlessly said:

Yes, we all know the New York Times has a paywall. You’re not the New York Times.


  1. Harith says:

    Protip: block or delete Globe cookies.

  2. WDM says:

    With the Star and Post introducing paywalls in the new year, it will be interesting to see how it impacts page views. I would be willing to put some money every month towards reading good online content, but I’m not paying to access 3 or 4 different papers.

    • Michael S says:

      Someone’s gonna figure out the Global->Regional->Local one-stop content subscription model. It won’t be the Globe & Mail. The NYT is developing local editions all over the US.

  3. Michael S says:

    The New York Times charges a low ongoing price for one subscription on an unlimited number of devices. The subscription is for a person.

    The Globe & Mail is charging more, for less, on a per-device basis. So if you have an iPad and a computer, they want to charge you for each device you have. They want to charge for the device.

    It’s grabby and a bad fail.

  4. Ben says:

    Even if you have an account, your login “expires” and you have to resign in far too often.

  5. MedEditor says:

    At least the NYT has a sensible policy re. their pay wall: Occasional readers like me can access up to 10 articles per month for free. I don’t have time for a lot of non-work-related reading, and so picking up the occasional in-depth piece from them on health (my main interest) or US politics doesn’t cost me a cent. And I seem to be able to read all the movie reviews I want without penalty.

    • bigcitylib says:

      I think globe is 10 per month free but for some reason I’ve only met the pay-wall one or two times. Even the NY Times wall seems to be working only intermittently.

  6. George says:

    Easy fix Warren. Use Google Chrome browser in “Incognito” mode. Presto, no paywall. (Or, for those who want to use another browser, look at 10 articles, clear your cookies, then you’re good for another 10). This also works for the Times.

  7. Domenico says:

    I knew the New York Times. The New York Times was a friend of mine. Globe and Mail, you are no New York Times.

  8. J.W. says:

    I like that “paywall” at The Huff post (US, Can, UK) , Macleans, Guardian, and WK.

  9. Lord Kitchener says:

    I can see a big increase in ‘hits’ for the CBC website…if I were a honcho there, I would take the money I am going to save in losing Hockey Night in Canada, and invest it in online materials…improve their editorials, and news coverage…please public broadcaster, do something innovative, prove your worth, and seize this opportunity to prove your relevancy

    • Hilda says:

      The CBC moderators who select what is posted are a bunch of unionized dippers who protect the CBC and their friends in the NDP and Liberal parties. Their forum is just a disjointed conveyor belt of nonsense for neurotics.

      • J.W. says:

        I agree the CBC sites are a confusing mess. I never go there. I nominate Macleans as the easiest to use best designed media site in Canada. I assume if they were getting any visitors to speak of, Rogers would get a paywall up in seconds flat.

  10. George says:

    Yep – that will do it – that’s the same as Google Chrome’s “Incognito” mode. It basically doesn’t store the cookies that their site needs in order to keep track of the pages you have visited.

  11. Reality.Bites says:

    Erm. that’s on the Safari menu, not the File Menu. Sorry bout that.

    And it also turns off your search history and auto-fill, both of which are more valuable to me than the Globe and Mail

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