11.10.2012 02:35 PM

OLP leadership race guideline stuff

1. This is a pro-Pupatello web site. If you want to trash her or mindlessly promote another candidate, go elsewhere. Or, better yet, start your own frigging web site.

2. It’s a race among friends. I don’t plan to critique any team – save Team Hair and Teeth©, who drive me, and everyone else, bonkers – until they take a swipe at Sandra. If they do, they’ll get a response. They won’t like it.

3. Er, that’s it. Vote Sandra, vote often, etc.


  1. Jay S says:

    What a novel concept. Had we done this at the federal party instead of constantly pissing in our own garden, we might still be a respectable force. Hope we can all stick to it.

  2. frmr disgruntled Con now Happy Lib says:

    Scuse my ignorance of Ontario Liberal politics…..but who is Team Hair and Teeth?…..

    I have to say it seems a whole lot more exciting than the current Federal Liberal leadership, ahem, coronation yawnfest…..

  3. MKS from durham says:

    Contest among friends. Sounds good!

    If you will allow a totally off-topic, question, I hear a rumour that you are either speaking or doing a book signing in Oshawa, during the month of November. Can you confirm or deny this rumour?

  4. Keith Weaver says:

    Hey Warren, In one of your columns in the Sun, you stated proudly that you were a key member of the Dalton McGuinty campaign team. So answer this question, one that your sunmedia compatriots seem to be avoiding asking you…. Just how much input did you have on the moving of the gas generation plants in the “buy a riding” scandal that cost the Ontario Taxpayers millions of dollars?

    You are so quick to slam everyone in politics, lets see if you have the balls to answer this question in public.

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