11.09.2012 08:31 AM

Sandra: compare and contrast

While some candidates were doing robocalls last night – and others readied themselves to do robocalls – Sandra Pupatello held a huge rally in Windsor.  Folks who were there – and I would’ve been, too, had I not been giving a Fight The Right speech in Toronto – said there were more than 400 people in attendance.

Also there (in a fun pic) was this guy on the left, who said he supports Sandra, quote unquote.  Anyone know what he is – and what the significance of his support may mean?


  1. WDM says:

    Is that Ken Lewenza?

  2. Gooch says:

    “If I can get along with (CAW president) Ken Lewenza, I can get along with anyone!” By far the best quote from Sandra last night. The energy in the room was electric, I went down from Toronto just to feel the magic, and it was definitely there.

  3. tfalcone86 says:

    That is Ken Lewenza, the President of the Canadian Auto Workers Union. His support is significant! If you don’t understand than you’re not paying attention.

  4. John Matheson says:

    Isn’t he a union guy? He looks familiar.. Ken?

  5. Michael S says:

    Ken Lewenza’s biggest strength is that people aren’t sick of Ken Lewenza. Unlike his predecessors he lays low, delivers the goods, and has little interest in being the story.

  6. james curran says:

    Does this mean we can win in Welland now?

  7. AJ says:

    Watch out though… Ken Lewenza is probably the most polarizing figure in the SW Ontario political scene…
    The CAW is blamed by many, many people for the economic demise of Windsor and many people will go out of their way to vote against whoever he supports. Just ask 3 time Windsor Mayor Eddie Francis.

  8. Rob says:

    Support for the OLP is a non-starter for unionists so long as the party insists on continuing the Harris/Eves policy of denying Agricultural workers, some of the most vulnerable in our province, the right to unionize. Has Ms. Pupatello denounced this mean-spirited and utterly disgraceful policy? If so, I will be the first to applaud her.

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