11.08.2012 08:43 PM


The Wynne campaign just did a robocall to a bunch of new Ontario Liberals. I wonder how they got their numbers?

Also, robocalls: interesting strategy, there.


  1. MississaugaPeter says:

    Number is from 416.964.8556. Can someone record it and put it on as a reply?


    States it is Milton Chan. Anyone know him?

  2. Chris P says:

    8:58 Just got the Robocall! Press 1….Press 2….Press 3….Wow where did they get my number from?

  3. Philippe says:

    Just read a long CNN article on how the Republicans relied heavily on robocalling while the Dems opted for door-to-door personal contact… I’m just not sold on the effectiveness of robocalling – seems like a lazy approach that is at best minutely effective and at worse detrimental to a candidate.

    Unless, of course, you pretend you’re Elections Canada and send folks to the wrong polling stations.

  4. New_Liberal78 says:

    Was one of the lucky ones to get a robocall. “Interesting” how they got my number. Not impressed with the strategy.

  5. Bloody Bounder says:

    Robocalls are just too American for my tastes.

    *sigh* I miss the good ‘ole days of Ontario politics
    when the OLP had a social-liberals like David Peterson
    as opposed to neo-liberals like Dalton McGunity, when
    the ONDP had social-democratic leaders like Stephen
    Lewis as opposed to third way socialists such as Bob
    Rae, and when the Ontario PC Party had Red Tory
    leaders like John Robarts and Bill Davis as opposed
    to American Republican-style neo-conservatives such
    as Harris and Hudak. I personally think it all took a
    turn for the worst when the Baby Boomer Generation
    who believes in abandoning principals for expediency
    and stooping to dirty political tricks took the reigns of
    power from the GI Generation who believed in the
    post-war consensus and so-called Grandparent

    • J.W. says:

      Best post I’ve seen in a long time. We’re just nostalgic I guess.
      Remember when the three leaders in Ontario were Bill Davis, Bob Nixon, and Stephen Lewis??

      • Bloody Bounder says:

        Thanks J.W. Yes, I do fondly recall a more civil and gentler time
        in Ontario politics when Davis, Nixon and Lewis were the leaders
        of the OPC, OLP and ONDP respectively. At the federal level, the
        years of Pierre Trudeau, Ed Broadbent and Joe Clark were the
        leaders of the LP, NDP and PC respectively are even more
        nostalgic for me!.

        Here in the City of Toronto, I fondly recall the good ‘ole days
        when we had consensus building Mayors such as Red Tories
        John Sewell and David Crombie as well as social-liberals such
        as Art Eggleton. Contrast these gentleman to far-right figures
        such as Rob Ford, far-left figures such as David Miller, and well,
        shameless populists such as Mel Lastman!.

        PS: John Tory is the best Mayor we never had!

    • AJ says:

      Using “American” as a pejorative is distasteful. What exactly makes Robocalls “too American?” A whole slew of telco technologies including automated switchboards, long distance calling and yes, automated recorded calling was invented by Nortel. A company as Canadian (and Ontarian) as hockey and universal health care. So in reality, robocalls are a significant part of our GOTV traditions. The Americans should bemoan our political culture negatively impacting theirs if anything.

      • Bloody Bounder says:

        That is your opinion AJ. I am one of these Canadians and Liberals who
        will always view the USA in a fundamentally negative light. I guess you
        could call me a Carolyn Parrish Liberal!. You should attend some political
        events in Europe. Unlike, the Conservative Party of Canada and the Liberal
        Party of Canada who are pretty pro-American, you will mostly find seething
        contempt for the USA in terms of its culture, politics, economics and mind set
        in Europe. I have attended rallies for their British Conservative Party, British
        Liberal Democrats and British Labour Party, which are the ideologically
        equivalents of the CPC, LPC and NDP respectively, and I can tell you that
        the very words USA and America are, for the most part, dirty four letter
        words over there. However, that is actually quite tame, compared to how
        Americans and the USA are viewed in France, Germany, Italy, ect.!

        PS: You won’t find many fans of the USA in Quebec either, but in
        English Canada many people still seem to salivate over Ameri-KKK-a.
        In my experience, most such Canadians tend to be of Anglo-Saxon

  6. Christian Giles says:

    I hung up.

  7. Mr. Murdoch esq says:

    Yep I got one.

  8. Chris says:

    I got one! It threw me off because it didn’t sound like a robocall at first.

    Press 1 if we have your support
    Press 2 if you need more information
    Press 3 if you are supporting another leadership candidate

  9. !o! says:

    With the connotation that robocalling has in Canada since the last election, you’d think it would be a definite absolute no-no for any kind of grassroots organizing. It’s like anti-organizing. “What? you’re robocalling me? errr, no, I’d rather vote NDP, uh… thanks”

  10. ABoucher says:

    Got the call last night. Thought it had a nice tone to it actually. Upbeat and positive. Didn’t feel comfortable declaring my support by pressing 1, 2 or 3 though. Just assumed they got the number through the LPC lists. Meh!

  11. Nic coivert says:

    I got a call too, pressed 3. No way will OLP win with a leader from TO, even if its Wynne.

    It goes like this: Wynne win lose, or Wynne lose win.

    • Nic coivert says:

      About robocalls in general though, I think they are a legitimate and accepted political practice when used honestly to send a message or verify support. The Harper Cons went one step further however, they used calls to find out non-supporters and then returnedwith calls, robo and not, that were deliberately misleading and intended to interfere with those non-supporters casting votes.

      Big Difference.

      I wasn’t offended by Wynne’s robocall, I was surprised… quick start.

  12. Cath says:

    Hey WK – a Kathleen Wynne message just showed up on my fb page news feed. She’s not a friend. How’d she get there?

    • Michael says:

      I got an e mail to my work address, which I have never given to the party, from Glen Murray.

      I have attended events put on by a certain ministry as part of my job. Hmmmm

      • Cath says:

        I have too Michael where the only info. they’d have at all is on a sign-in sheet.
        Do political parties have access to that info.?

  13. Tim Sullivan says:

    I got hte call, but I missed the first moment of it, so I didn’t know who it was until my wife told me later. It was not a good message although I don’t mind getting the robo-calls from candidates, if there is something of value in it.

    I’ll tell you, though. I still remember getting a personal call from Paul Martin Jr. (as he was referred to then) in his first run. I was youngish, impressed, and flattered.

  14. I_LuvTO2 says:

    ED: you’re banned. You’re not allowed on here using a fake name to defame others. We’ve kept your IP and other identifying info. Buh-bye.

  15. Jim (PR) says:

    I was actually reading a whole bunch of Tweets about the robocalling when mine came in. I don’t really have a problem with it, though. I think I’d prefer a live body though giving me a call.

  16. Mulletaur says:

    Didn’t Milton work on the Ignatieff campaign ? Just sayin’.

  17. Carrie says:

    I am not a new Liberal and I got one of those calls last night. After I had deleted an email from her earlier that day. So impersonal. And I will never support her. Not happy with her work as Education Minister and her attitude toward education workers.

    And for once, there’s more than one woman running. I’m behind Sandra all the way. Love her down to earth approach.

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