11.14.2013 12:32 PM

Here’s one show I will never be invited on

The Ford Brothers show on Sun News!

Is it because I would ask them about:

• Rob’s crack and Oxy use?
• Doug’s drug dealing?
• Drinking and driving?
• Assaults?
• How even the CFL and Santa Claus hate them?

What questions do you want me to ask them, dear readers?

And, yes, I intend to goad them into assaulting Yours Truly. I see it as my civic duty.


  1. Mulletaur says:

    How many times has Rob Ford driven a vehicle while he’s been intoxicated ? Dates and times would be good too, just so that the Toronto Police Service no longer has any excuses.

  2. harvey bushell says:

    What ever question(s) you or anyone else get a chance to ask need to be parsed so that there is absolutely no wiggle room on language. They need to be so specific that ROFO can’t (again) later claim that the question was not specific enough for him to have given a complete and truthful answer.

    Jebus! this is like some kind of moronic party game.

    • Greg from Calgary says:

      ROFO…I like that. Is that the new hip shorthand way to refer to the Mayor? That would be a cool name to have in a business like “ROFO’s Bongs”

  3. doconnor says:

    Are you addicted to returning constituent calls? Is that why you won’t resign?

  4. The already thin line between media reportage and political activism is being crossed with dismal regularity. Once upon a time, a politician being provided a permanent platform, free of charge would have been un-seemly, and inconsistent with fair reporting, and the role of a free press. I can see that the Sun is going to make a lot of money from this show. But I can also see that free media propelled the Fords into office. We bind our politicans with elections financial rules, in order to level the playing field. The media has always had a lot of political muscle, but the ability to deliver free airtime is the same as the ability to choose the winners of upcoming elections. I am not comfortable with a handful of media conglomerates determining which politicans shall form government, for the obvious reason that they will be free and clear to demand quid pro- quos from the politicans they put into office.

  5. Jeff says:

    It is disgusting that Sun News offered a man *who needs time off to recover from serious addictions* a new job and added stress. It seems to me to be all about profit and no ethics. And I affirm CFRB’s decision to drop Ford as a responsible decision.

    • Warren says:

      I’ve asked SNN bosses for the okay to go on with the Fords, face to face, so I can ask them many, many questions. Stay tuned.

      • Jay S says:

        I totally see this as the springboard to you wearing the mayor’s chain. WFM 2014!

      • Swervin' Merv says:

        You should ask Sun News Network VP Kory Teneycke whether the Ford Nation show will be followed on “Enabler Monday” nights by showtime given to Toronto’s Brian Way and his child pornography film business, identified today by Toronto Police Service in their Project Spade operation.

      • If SNN lets you in the ring with the Ford bros, this might even top the Olympic Hockey Gold Medal game as my must-watch show of the season. Go Warren, Go. Score early, score often, win big….

  6. david ray says:

    what I would like to hear shouted in the house of commons

    “Hey Steve, driven a Ford lately.”

  7. Jeff says:

    Sorry, I meant “…with no consideration of the ethical implications.”

  8. Ridiculosity says:

    Question #1: Have you ever had sex with sheep? (In a drunken stupor, or otherwise.)

    Question #2: Did you suffer from a lack of oxygen at birth?

    • david ray says:

      in order to have sex with sheep Mayor Flubways would require a member in good standing which I doubt Hizzoner has seen in twenty years or so though it might explain his sudden blurting out of his oral fixations for all the world to gag/sigh or laugh at.

  9. Lynn says:

    I now have Charlie Sheen and Rob Ford linked in my mind. Hookers and blow, fighting with the boss, and others in public, and too much money for any person who is mentally forever 14 years old, to have access to.

    • debs says:

      I said that too…that Rob Ford has finally reached Sheens level of “WINNING” its just a travesty. Perhaps we could get Charlie to be ROFOs sponsor. the coming down is as crazy as the highs.

  10. TimL says:

    After today, is he still getting enough to eat at home? (sorry)

  11. Steve T says:

    I think Ford could save himself a lot of media time, if he just pre-recorded an apology and then did a voiceover for the stupid thing du jour. He must be getting hoarse.

    He must also be consulting a speechwriter (or acting coach) to come up with new ways to say sorry and try to appear genuine and new. Not that it’s succeeding.

  12. Dave says:

    Are you going to quit Sun News in protest over this pathetic decision?

    • Warren says:

      No, I’ve asked for an opportunity to question the Fords on air about their involvement in wrongdoing. I like to confront my enemies face to face. Do you?

      • david ray says:

        Warren! do not hit them with a closed fist. As much as you may want to we don’t need you to break your hands. we need you to keep writing and typing from the trenches 🙂

      • debs says:

        well you can be assured …he wont have a clue who you are. so you will be able to blindside them.

      • torontotory says:

        They might agree to a confrontation provided you sign a waiver not to sue anybody as a consequence of the encounter. Are you prepared to do that?

  13. doris says:

    This will be a very short run the election will see to that. Can’t see SN giving Chow equal time.

  14. Brad Young says:

    While the show will allow them to further embarrass themselves, I don’t think it’s right for them to have a TV show.

    They are being rewarded with a media outlet purely because of Rob’s bad behaivour.

    I can excuse most of what he has done, but not the drink and driving. Its dangerous and criminal.

    Rob and Doug are pathetic.

  15. outsider says:

    Questions for the nitwit brothers Ford:

    * Will you detail the $1-billion in savings you claim to have generated for taxpayers, in writing, with supporting documentation that would stand up to forensic examination?
    * What circumstances developed that prevented private investors from financing subway expansion?
    * If, as you stated last week, you were too intoxicated to recall the events surrounding the St. Paddy’s evening, how can you be positive enough to claim you never uttered the remarks attributed to you about sexual relations with a staff member?
    * What was in those many packages you received from Lisi during those surrepticious rendezvous?
    * If those exchanges did not involve illegal substances, why was the effort made to disguise the transfer?
    * What did Lisi hand to you during your many reported quick trips to his driveway over an extended period?
    * What was the route and theoretical ridership numbers of the LRT portion of the recently-derailed transit plan for Scarborough?
    * In what year did Canada re-patriate its Constitution?

    Nice to see they were magnanimous enough to accept the Sun News invite to their own spanking-new echo chamber … and with pictures, to boot!!!

  16. graham watt says:

    The misguided, twisted selfish aspect of modern Canadian Conservatism
    bared for all to see. Anything goes and power is the prize.

    • Steve T says:

      Uh, let’s not lump all Canadian conservatives into the same group. There are bad apples on all sides of the political spectrum.

      I seem to recall, not that long ago, another political demographic that seemed to feel power was the prize, and was so bold as to deem itself the “natural governing party”. I also seem to recall some questionable ethical situations with them.

      Let’s give Ford, and the goofy Conservative senators, their proper chastising. But let’s also recall that everyone has their nutbars.

  17. bir says:

    I like your goading idea. And the one question I’d like you to ask him: How do you face your young kids every day?

  18. Houland Wolfe says:

    Two questions for Mail Fraud, oops, Mayor Ford:

    1. To what extent did you direct and control the extortion activities of Lisi? What did you tell him to do and what did you tell him not to do?

    2. How do you spell indignation? How about “resignation”?

  19. Babatunde says:

    On the plus, if you’re out of town when you’re invited on, there’s a bargain on flights back to the Toronto area (assuming you consider Niagara Falls to be the Toronto area)


  20. BlastFurnace says:

    I’m actually surprised that the Ford Bros got a slot on SNN. I thought the Sun paper had actually teamed up with its archenemy the CBC to get the court files declassified, which they were mostly — unless the papers and the network are under separate management. The questions I’d ask is 1) What happened during the encounter with Sarah Thompson; 2) Was he on crack while coaching the football team? If he was under the influence of drugs under either of those situations, then 3) how many other times has he been cracked out while actually making important decisions for his city?

  21. po'd says:

    To continue on the wraslin’ theme I wrote about yesterday, are we witnessing the beginning of a whole new money making venture, as in a Wrestlemania sort of thing? Scandalmania would be a good name.

    Did Hulk Hogan advise the Fords and possibly the SUNshine boys on how to during his recent visit?

    Could we look forward to an arm wrestling competition for the CEO job? Oh my, the possibilities are endless in the world of the new Conservatives. Imagine a round robin arm wrestling tournament with participants such as Mr Mayor and Bro, the Hulkster, various discredited Harper MP’s and maybe some Senators who have also fallen on hard times. Such a joint venture might even be appealing to Mr. Harper, if the timing was right.

    If that doesn’t score, like Jerry Springer scored, maybe they could contact the creator of The Trailer Park Boys? Have you listened to Bubbles song about liquor and other things? Well, whatever eh? Ok ok, let’s just give in and close all the Universities, what do we need those for anyway? Grade 10 should be the new goal, maybe more MP’s from Alberta with GED’s will work?

    Sigh… and all this in the days surrounding Remembrance Day. End of tom foolery and sarcasm, full stop. Remembrance Day is every day for me and it’s very solemn (characterized by deep sincerity).

  22. Richard Besserer says:

    Warren, this happened the same day as Kathleen Wynne announced that she is willing to consider legislation to allow the recall of Rob Ford. Someone at federal Tory HQ must have suggested strongly to Sun Media that Rob’s remaining time in office can be counted in days (Tim Hudak doesn’t want Doug riding Rob’s coattails all the way to the Ontario PC leadership, and can’t be counted on to oppose the recall legislation), and ordered them to arrange a safety net, fast.

    I mean. Monday’s kind of soon, isn’t it?

    I might ask them something like this. “If everyone’s out to get you, Rob, how come you have your own show on network news and Olivia Chow doesn’t?”

  23. MississaugaPeter says:

    More fodder for every media organization and late night writing crew. Wonderful. NOT!

    Hitting 1.000 Watched Arsenio last week for the first time in decades, and you don’t have to guess what was in the opening monologue. Watched opening monologue last night of Jimmy Fallon, and his monologue opened with Ford. And Jon Stewart …


    “We are a nation of blow job bestowing, crack affectionatōs.” This is a disaster folks.

    Headed to China over the weekend, wonder if I will feel ashamed to be from Toronto there.


    Toronto’s reputation worldwide is soiled for a generation. If photos of the prime minister start being added, Harper is toast. No world leader would take him seriously. And his relationship would soil Canada’s reputation for a decade.

  24. frmr disgruntled Con now happy Lib says:

    Perhaps his Worship’s favourite “box lunch”?…….

  25. Robert Jago says:


    1. You’ve admitted to buying drugs while in office. Who did you buy them from? Did you buy these on your own time or city time? Where did you get the money to buy these drugs?
    2. You’ve admitted to drinking and driving while in office. Which staff members observed you doing this? Did you say or do anything which led them to not go public with this information?
    3. We’ve seen video of you threatening violence while in a drunken stupor. We’ve also heard you admit to smoking crack with violent criminals while in another drunken stupor. Both of these you claim not to fully recall. Are these your only transgressions while drunk, or will you admit that there could be, and likely are more?
    4. You’ve admitted to being a frequent user of marijuana. Do you smoke secretly or are any of your friends aware of your habit? If so, which friends? Have they asked you to stop? Have you ever smoked at home while your children were there? Have you smoked in your office or at city hall?

  26. Tim says:

    Cringe inducing. I think this is a disgraceful decision from Sun News. Noone has any shame. Why do we need a scheduled platform for these assholes? We already know who they are.
    As for your intention to “confront your enemies”? There’s an old caution for this type of situation that gets said many ways. I say it this way, “Don’t fight with pigs. Everybody gets dirty. The pigs love it.”

  27. Ian Howard says:

    There are no questions worth asking them because they have consistently demonstrated that they have no interest in answering honestly.

    For any network to provide them a forum shows a terrible lack of judgement. It is one thing to report on the Ford’s but to give them a forum so this train wreck continues is a cheap publicity stunt.

  28. Kelly says:

    The way I see it, the Sun thinks smoking crack, hanging out with drug dealers and lying to the people you’re supposed to serve is perfectly OK and a good way to make money. Does this mean they’re shutting down their crime bureau?

  29. Lord Kitchener says:

    Warren, you also have to ask him about his racist and hateful remarks. He is skating on that one.

  30. Lord Kitchener says:

    Warren, you also have to ask him about his racist and hateful remarks. He is skating on that one. By now, I bet he has dropped a couple of N-Bombs on tape.

  31. William says:

    For the first time , I’m feeling ok with Denis Coderre as my Mayor.

  32. torontotory says:

    Well that’s it…. I’m not going to vote for Stephen Harper again!!!!

    Justin is okay because toking pot is recreational and uber-social too.

    Mulcair is out because he covered up a bribe for 17 years, in Quebec!

  33. Greg from Calgary says:

    Can you imagine if CTV, CBC or any other network gave a weekly T.V. Show to a liberal or NDP politician? Ezra, Adler and all would freak out saying it is wrong. WTF is this move?

  34. Paul says:

    this is about peladeau promoting his TV network and money… is Charbonneau commission anywhere

    they should move it to later in evening against late night comedy shows where it belongs

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