11.07.2013 06:54 AM

On the Trudeau-Ford drug use comparison

…I am characteristically subtle:

Liberal insider and Sun News Network analyst Warren Kinsella — who has consistently derided Ford and Ford Nation — says comparing Trudeau to Ford is absurd.

“It’s stupid,” he told Yahoo Canada News. “One favours a position on pot that reflects what most police forces in this country believe. The other is being investigated by police for using a drug that kills.

“Ford Nation is being rapidly de-populated. After yesterday, many of that nation’s residents are looking for a new nation to live in.”


  1. steve says:

    Lets take the comparison a little further. One is the son of Canada’s greatest modern PM. The other the spawn of a backbencher. One ran in a tough riding, the other a gimme. One can form sentences, the other grunts and squeaks. One talks nothing but rehtoric the other takes brave thought out positions based upon best outcomes.

  2. Rob says:

    I actually welcome silly comparisons like this from conservative minded people and hope that more people with influence respond like warren did. I believe it makes us think through (some) important things publicly and move forward.

    Open debate on important issues that affect canadians is sorely missing in politics. I look forward to more public discussions on pot use and assisted suicide, especially.


  3. Billy Boy says:

    Steve, your little crush of Justin notwithstanding, what does one’s father have to do with one’s culpability in breaking the law? Both have admitted to breaking the law during their tenure as sitting elected officials. While I wouldn’t want to push the comparison much further, there are comparisons to be made.

    Yes, Ford is a hypocrite, but is being disingenuous as Trudeau is with every fiber of his being, much better?

    Ford is almost surely sick and an addict (btw, quite likely he has an alcohol addiction which spirals occasionally out of control leading to binge behavior and all kinds of other consumption) in which case he deserves treatment and care not moralizing and piling on (the phrase “ought implies can” comes to mind). What was Trudeau’s excuse for breaking the law?

    Trudeau openly broke the law as a sitting MP, and while I would have respected such as gesture had it been part of an act of civil disobedience (since I favor the decriminalization and possibly even the legalization of marijuana) it was purely recreational use, followed by an opportunistic, calculated admission of such use. It’s all part of a cynical political play to grab the votes out of the hands of boomers and young voters. Where has the LPC been on marijuana reform? Where have the NDP and the GPC been on marijuana reform? The latter have been there in a principled way and for a long time, not just as a desperate ploy to win votes.

  4. steve says:

    According to the Hawk PET smoked Pot with the Hawk, and he had his own stuff. Now there is a man of his time. Remember the LeDain commish? Remember the failed Chretien push to decriminalize.

  5. Vincent says:

    Canadians will not even vote for a political leader who is hooked on tobacco because it’s now considered a filthy habit. Trying to whitewash Justin smoking pot is quite futile now that Ford is being castigated. Ford should quit and Justin should reconsider his shaky leadership quest. I can’t see grizzled Liberal MPs following flawed, immature Trudeau into an election. Look for retirements soon.

    • Kevin T. says:

      Trying to dirty Justin smoking pot is quite futile now that we are in a new millennium. Shaky leadership? Keep those eyes closed and those fingers crossed, then bet everything you have based on that illusion.
      Look for pink slips in 2015.

      • Vincent says:

        NDP and Conservative women MPs (Ashton & Rempel) are dissing Trudeau for his sexist approach to women in his “Justin Unplugged” ($250/woman) fundraiser. Is this another Butts Liberal strategic planning snafu? Quebec superiority, pot smoking, unplugged sexism? Hey, I’m not saying this, Trudeau is!

        • Kevin T. says:

          No, you’re not saying it, you’re hoping it. Just because everyone goes on instant false outrage doesn’t mean it will hold up as a long-term electoral tactic. So the NDP and Cons are dissing the one person who WILL hand them their backsides in 2015, wow, ok, you’ve convinced me. He’s toast.
          You are sounding a bit shrill and desperate in your attacks on Trudeau, just sayin’.

        • Bobulous says:

          Why is anyone who disagrees with you a troll? Interesting how so many on the left want to shut up anyone with a different viewpoint.

  6. Vincent says:

    Just watching a Quebec minister on CBC promoting his Charter of Quebec Values, or whatever, attempting to institute secularism in Quebec. This, of course, is the same values as the French Republic and since Quebec is now a “nation” they are following their French cousins.

    What this does is gore the ethnic immigrants in the rest of Canada, and this will turn them off from Quebec-based federal political leaders too. The new immigrant vote will be lost to Liberals and the NDP across Canada.

    Together with Trudeau’s admission of smoking pot and uttering Quebec supremacism out of context, that will destroy the credibility of the Liberal federal party in ethnic communities. This is the unfortunate political reality.

  7. Campbell says:

    Thanks Warren, for using your platform to come out strongly against this ridiculous, disingenuous argument. It’s one I’m very tired of hearing.

  8. Campbell says:

    You may be right Les, but I hope not. That’s a sad state where society can’t see the difference between a leader like Trudeau and a thug like Ford, regardless of what they’re putting in their pipes. Of course, when you consider that Ford is most likely a pothead himself, the simplistic equation to me is: Ford does more drugs than Trudeau, so therefore the latter is preferable.

  9. Kev says:

    Which Con MP’s are getting ready to bolt?

  10. Mark Jensen says:

    Devil’s advocate here suggesting your critics will say:

    Team Trudeau supports more than the legalization of cannabis including the Insite Movement which lobbies for supervised injection sites, “inhalation rooms” for addicts to smoke crack cocaine and methamphetamine, and dispensed opiates.
    The only difference between the Ford Family and Team Trudeau is one favours legalized and state controlled narcotics to the profit of the medical industrial complex, as the Ford Family, conservatives they are, seek to maintain the status quo with profits flowing via the black-market (hey, bootlegging made the Kennedys!) Either way, despite the spin, this is about copious amounts of cannabis, cocaine, heroin, and other drugs and the unfortunate addiction of a subset of the population.

    Further propaganda:

  11. Paul says:

    Trudeau will win the next election cus he can raise money , he has some charisma but more improtantly its time fro a change

  12. Paul says:

    sorry I take that back…bit of a fluffy gathering last night ..who cares really .. I dont , conservatives tried to make a big deal of it ..but Justin ..China as a respected country..ugh…get soem aides ..hope you made soem money for the party …not China… Chinese food maybe

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