12.11.2013 11:50 PM

My exclusive self-portrait, at the Leafs game

You’re welcome.



  1. Sean says:

    sigh… the other day a friend of mine was telling me how much the Leafs suck. I explained my love for the Leafs as follows: If you had a three legged dog, would you stop loving your three legged dog and cheer for all the four legged dogs in the neighborhood? No. You would love and hug your three legged dog as if life depended on it. This is how I feel about all Toronto sports teams, even our adopted three legged dog, the Bills.

    • Kevin says:

      A three-legged dog walks into a saloon. He sidles up to the bar and says “I’m lookin’ for the man who shot my paw”.

  2. John Kingma says:

    You made yourself look like Brian Mulrooney.

  3. Matt says:

    Ha! Martin Short drawn as Ed Grimley. Nice.

  4. Jon Powers says:

    Is that really Martin Short’s head or has Noel Gallaghar just squatted over a hard-boiled egg in the seat in front of you? #open_to_interpretation

  5. david ray says:

    you have to have the absolutingest bestest and funniest evah commentariat of any site going. i am laughing so hard right now and yes you do like Muldoon in the drawing hehehehehehehehehehehahahahahahh

  6. Al in Cranbrook says:

    Seeing as this isn’t too serious of a thread…

    Seen this one yet, looks like it’s going to go viral. 16 yearold Elvis impersonator from Quebec. Never heard anything like this before…



  7. james Smith says:

    Don’t watch it only encourages them…

    PS Go Habs Go!

  8. David_M says:

    Oh! That could become the trendiest tattoo ever!

  9. Swervin' Merv says:

    Recall that Martin Short also came (with Tom Hanks) to the Grey Cup this year but it didn’t help the Ticats either.

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