12.08.2013 08:40 PM

Raps trade Gay?

What the Hell?


  1. Pcase says:


  2. Ty says:

    This is why I don’t follow the NBA, stupid stuff like this.

    Small markets have to basically luck into a draft pick in the lottery, train him for five years, then watch him go to Miami or LA.

  3. Tyrone says:

    Can’t pay a guy $19 million a year who can’t shoot, defend, or pass.

  4. Matt says:

    Kyle Lowry’s next.

    It was a good move cap wise.

    Gay was set to make $20 million next year and three of the 4 guys they got back have contracts that expire at the end of the season.

  5. Lawrie Jeffrey says:

    If they traded the whole team, and brought in a bunch of high school kids for the next 2-3 years, they would have lots of cap space. They probably wouldn’t win a whole lot of games, but with the turkeys they currently have, they’re not gonna win too many anyway. I can’t believe that people actually pay to watch what gets put out there on the floor. The Raptors are the biggest joke next to the Leafs. This city is a sports embarrassment. If Brandon London hadn’t dropped that ball in the end zone last year on the last play of the CFL eastern final, all would be normal in T.O. Just like it was meant to be. All is well in Blue Jay land as we win the world series every April. Pat Gillick please come home. I just can’t believe sports fans in this city still continue to support this curd. There are a lot of other more constructive things to do with your money. Try betting on race horses, dog races, jai alai or which floor the elevator is gonna stop on next. Or just slam the car door on your hand. Not anywhere as painful watching another Toronto team lose.

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