01.31.2014 09:00 PM

Ford-gettable: Not in a drunken stupor

Of course not.

Here he is in a Vancouver bar last night, just before he was stopped by police. For jaywalking, maybe more. He was drinking a Coke, he says, and nothing else.


Some folks remain upset Mayor Crackhead, when in public, attracts young people who want a selfie with him. That, as I’ve suggested before, is the Paris Hilton Syndrome (here). Young people don’t think of him as a leader; they think of him as a celebrity, the guy who David Letterman makes fun of.

Other folks are upset that young people don’t seem to think his crack-smoking, heroin-using, drunk-driving, pissing-in-parks behaviour is wrong. That, I suggest, is because (a) young people don’t really vote anymore and (b) young people don’t consider high public office to be in any way dignified or respectable. At all.

We need to change that, obviously. We also need to rid ourselves of this pathetic loser, and I think we just might well on our way to doing that.



  1. Lance says:

    Just out of curiosity, say he wins re-election (*shudders*). Does that mean his mayoral powers revert back to him seeing as he would be returned by a mandate of the electorate? Because if not, it will be a long four farcical years for Toronto with a mayor that can’t really do anything but be the butt end of late night talk shows.

    I’d like to have faith in the electorate to not allow that to happen, but it certainly wouldn’t surprise me if they did.

    • david ray says:

      He’s just a scarecrow in a field now. At first the birds were afraid now they just shit on him. He might get re-elected but no matter how much he flaps in the breeze he isn’t going anywhere.

      • Lance says:

        Be that as it may, when the “scarecrow” doesn’t have the decency to care who “shits” on him or how much he “flaps” in the wind and if he wins re-election anyway, what happens then?

        You see, everyone is being dismissive and looking past the time in the event he loses, but what if that doesn’t happen? Some thought better be given to it, because he still can.

        • Pedro says:

          We’ll simply not have a mayor for another 4 years. The next Council will look similar to this one and even if all of Council resigned, the balance of right vs left would be similar. Certainly, one would expect that the majority would be sane and reasonable people who would not go along with Ford’s irrational mind.

          We’ve found a flaw in democracy. Letting stupid people vote can result in this kind of stalemate. Yet, we can’t pick and choose who gets to vote, otherwise it’s not democracy.

  2. SD says:

    What shall I do in a drunken stupor,
    What shall I do in a drunken stupor,
    What shall I do in a drunken stupor,
    Early in the morning?

    Put you in the drunk tank, til you’re sober!
    Put you in the drunk tank, til you’re sober!
    Put you in the drunk tank, til you’re sober!
    Early in the morning?

  3. The Other Jim says:

    This may make me sound old-fashioned or out-of-touch, but…

    I’m a married dad, close to the same age as Ford. When I see all of these photos/videos, my immediate thought is “why is a grown man with a wife and kids spending so much time at night clubs with 20 year olds”?

    I mean, this seems to be a fairly regular thing for him. I just don’t get it. By the time Friday night comes along, after a hard week of work, taking the kids to all of their various activities, paying the bills, washing the dishes, all that jazz, I just want to spend the evening with my family – not listen to bad dance music and put up with obnoxious club kids.

    Am I alone in this?

    • sezme says:

      Yeah, but the difference is probably that you don’t have such a fundamental self-loathing that the only way you can maintain the fictional face you present to the public without having to deal with the real you is by binging on substances and in places that help you forget your real life, terrified that the cracks in your facade will start to appear, and if they do, then you claim that your private life is your business and no one else’s. And that no, you’re not a complete fraud.

      Instead, you are probably at peace with yourself, and have no reason to escape the confines of your life at every opportunity. You are not alone, but then again, neither is Rob Ford. His type is well represented and more or less accepted in the entertainment industry, but rarer in politics, especially because he takes it so far and hides it so poorly.

    • Iris Mclean says:

      I think the more time he is away from his kids, the better off they are.

    • debs says:

      nope, you hit the nail on the head. Ford is an immature boyman. he has never grown up and his family( mom and his brother) have allowed that. I mean along with the nightclubs, what kind of 45 yr old goes to his highschool park to drink in and meet for drugdeals. That is a guy who stopped maturing at 16. Its why he married his hs gf, and its why he continues to make terrible errors. He is mentally a 16 yr old punk who acts like a 5 yr old emtionally when he doesnt get his own way.

  4. Paul F says:


    Does integrity no longer matter to his supporters, who I will call his jock strap?

  5. Michael Jones says:

    I’ve finally been to a bar that Rob Ford frequents! And strangely, it’s in Vancouver. Well, Burquitlam.

    Nearly 20 years ago, I lived a block away from that Shell station, while starting my master’s at SFU.

    The bar at the time was called the Cariboo. Looking at Yelp, same general concept as the Foggy Dew- horrible food, watered down drinks, lonely desperate rapidly aging alcoholics as regulars… Fun fact: serial rapist and child murderer Clifford Olson met his wife at the Cariboo.

    This changes Friday and Saturday evening when every underaged white trash kid in the PoMo/New West and Burquitlam area would show up, binge drink and get into fights in the parking lot. I saw someone knifed there once.

    I have been there under both conditions a few times, never left sober and have definitely jaywalked across North Road drunk.

    I’m now 42, I would never go there Friday or Saturday night now. I was too old for that scene at 24.

  6. Lance says:

    That, I suggest, is because (a) young people don’t really vote anymore and (b) young people don’t consider high public office to be in any way dignified or respectable. At all.

    Considering that the youth vote is supposed to Trudeau’s bailiwick, how is that going to jive I wonder.

    Hmmm. Maybe in their eyes having a good reason to vote for Trudeau is more compelling than being utterly repelled by Ford.

  7. e.a.f. says:

    could Toronto keep their trash at home. we have enough out in B.C. with our provincial politicians.

  8. SD says:

    My mayor, Rob Ford, was perfectly fine until the people of Vancouver made him go screwy.

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