01.17.2014 02:40 PM

Zombie Abodes, a continuing series

Looks like a cord of logs, don’t it? Ha! It’s a zombie-proofed cabin! Click here to see more.

Problem with this one: when a horde of the undead comes after you, you shut the windows, sure.  But what happens when your supply of Ichiban Ramen runs out? Then you’re pooched.

And, yes, if you must know: I think about zombie-proofing all the time. Everyone should.


  1. Jon Powers says:

    Thank you, Warren, for doing God’s work by spreading the word about the zombie invasion. So many unbelievers out there. Or, as I refer to them: “zombie food”.

  2. !o! says:

    That ‘cabin’ is nothing more than a faux-log adorned coffin

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, you either need a boat, or a tower with an airplane.

  3. Matt says:

    “But what happens when your supply of Ichiban Ramen runs out? Then you’re pooched.”

    Or when someone looking for some free firewood goes at it with a chainsaw.

    Warren, have you heard of Atlas Survival shelters? Crazy expensive, but awesome.


    • david ray says:

      why do I get the feeling Roxy the political dog will want no part of a shelter where the food might run out as well as being in the same space as some crazy starving humans.
      on another note I once watched a guy build a concrete hurricane proof dome in Corpus Christi. Here’s a sample. Comes with banjer moosic and crackers firin them some guns and all. Yeehah


  4. W the K - No, not Warren says:

    May not work too well against the hordes but, man, that hut’s a boys dream.

  5. Student501 says:

    Hiding in plain sight.

    I must admit that it does have potential.

    Any beavers around there ? That could be a problem.

  6. Ted H says:

    The hut appears to have no bathroom, and there are no zombies….er….are there?

  7. harvey bushell says:

    Cute little refuge but I see it more as a remote outpost to keep an eye on the perimeter of the main compound. I guess the lower ranked, away mission guys in the red shirts would be stationed in this cabin.

  8. Sezme says:

    When you run out of Ichiban ramen, go for the Niban I guess? (Ichiban means “first” in Japanese, Niban means “second”). Or maybe just order in from one of the million new ramen restaurants popping up all over Toronto.

    And in keeping with the theme, pop in your DVD copy of the excellent “Tokyo Zombie” and practice ju-jitsu.

  9. To be included in Coffee Table Books that *Did* Sell

  10. debs says:

    theres a truck with the capacity to open up as a temp house and stage. Seems like the perfect zombie getaway. Opens into stationary playcentre and closes into a getaway vehicle when the hordes show up to hear SFH. Plus side, can pick up supplies, travel the country and rescue survivors. Down side, requires gas.

  11. Pipes says:

    Shit construction. It will be a Zombie Diner in 10 minutes.

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