03.25.2014 07:09 AM

Quebec: so much for my theory about the electability of guys with beards

Thomas Mulcair, take hope.  All is not lost.

(All is not lost for Canada, either, apparently.)


  1. Jacob Trouba says:

    Good news! Coulliard seems way less angry than Tom as well… not sure why he’s so pissed off all the time, has a sweet gig.

  2. frmr disgruntled Con now happy Lib says:

    Handsome and smart(I didn’t know his former occupation was that of a neurosurgeon)…a deadly combination……

  3. Paul Brennan says:

    I agree with above Tom always looks mad …

  4. Unless the polls continue the trend of getting things spectacularly wrong.

  5. islandcynic says:

    Beards are coming back in style. All the handsome dudes are sporting them these days.

    Go Mulcair!

  6. Iris Mclean says:

    You call that a beard? Hell, I have more hair on my face than he does!

  7. VC says:

    I think Philippe Couillard is going for the most interesting man in the world look.

    “I don’t always vote in Quebec elections, but when I do, I vote Liberal. Stay thirsty, my friends.”

  8. e.a.f. says:

    Mr. 15% looks like a used car salesman.
    Ms. 33% looks untrustworthy.
    Mr. 40% looks good. Looks healthy, beard or no beard. He has good blue eyes, his own teeth and they look normal. Good smile, he looks like the guy/dad next door who goes to his kids hockey practises and picks up the other people’s kids also.

    If I just looked at the 3 without looking at their politics, Mr. 40% would get my vote. When you add in his politics and those of the others he would still get my vote.

    Ms. 33% got greedy. She wanted more so she could pass her “ethnic cleansing bill”. When you get greedy sometimes you get burned. Looks good on her. Good bye to rubbish. I do hope Mr. 40% wins. There would be hope yet for Canada. Whether it translates into Mulcair winning, don’t know. He looks good in his own way, but not as good as Mr. 40%. Mulcair has an older look than Mr. 40% and that will help Mr. 40%. What may get Mulcair elected is people are through with Oil Can and think the kid is too young. They’ll give Mulcair a vote, hold their noses and go for it. Harper’s senate scandals, this treatment of the Vets, the trip to Israeli and Ukraine have done damage. The latest supreme court issue, may have been the last nail in the coffin. People have seen Mulcair in the house and may decide the guy is smarter than Harper and Trudeau and just go for it.

  9. JacqueP says:

    Only in La Belle Provence… mais oui…!!!

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