04.29.2014 09:38 PM

John Tory’s super-excellent idea

Good thing he’s paying Erika $200K for a few months! She’s a genius!




  1. Coelocanth_Jones says:

    I wish there was some context as to how exactly Tory screwed up this time. I’ll look into it, i do know my way around the web, just saying

  2. Brian says:

    200k a month for these kinds of ideas? Geez, he could just import a Temporary Foreign Worker and lay off a Canadian, suppress competition in the labour market, and pay a pittance in wages. Someone get him Jason Kenney or Stephen Harper on the line.

  3. Dennis Mills says:

    1993 commercials with two weeks left in the campaign! Not good.

  4. Andy says:

    Unfortunately, all of these antics are just turning off the electorate. Friends, neighbors, co-workers are disengaging very quickly. And low voter turn out favors the incumbent.

  5. John Werry says:

    It almost looks as though Mr. Tory is consciously or unconsciously not desiring victory. After two stinging electoral forays (Remember Dump Tory?), why go for three?? A feeling of responsibility to keep the “Trif*ckta” contra lefties?? Mr.Tory is looking tired, skinny and confused, he used to at least look somewhat friendly (if you did not know him). Ford’s gone, excuse me should be “Bif*ckta”.

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