04.22.2014 05:40 PM

This ad?

Really bad.



  1. Andy says:

    Someone doesn’t know anything about setting up a camera for a moving shot. She is looking up will the camera is pointing up, distorting her features. Makes her hands look huge (plus looks like she is wearing a fake nose)!

  2. Duane says:

    I agree. Too much movement and the back ground says absolutely nothing. Also, if this is to be an election ad, she is focusing on the wrong leader, Hudak will not be the one to worry about.

    • Jason says:

      I think there is an anti NDP one as well – but both feel very defensive/desperate. She seems tired and out of breath. Wrong emotions and IMO reinforces the oppositions preferred emotional narrative.

      • Redgerrymander says:

        Yeah, I’ve seen that one too… but it’s her walking on the Leftist side of the street. I’m guessing their internal polling is awful right now, otherwise why start with the attack ads so soon?

  3. ian turnbull says:

    The camera angle, the walking towards a backing up camera and her hand motions create a very strange effect. If you watch it with the volume off, you get the sense that the person is coming after you in a threatening manner.

    When you listen to it you realize its not threatening. Its just some person telling you attack ads are bad, then telling you that this is not an attack ad, then the person attacks someone. Basically the message is “I think you are really stupid so I am going to tell you something only a really stupid person would believe and that is that my counterpart Tim Hudak is stupid and has stupid policies, and you should listen to me because I am not stupid the way you and Tim Hudak are”.

    Its an interesting approach.

  4. Hans says:

    She looks like a grand dame from Rosedale strolling in a working class neighbourhood clad in her Holt-Renfrew suit and sporting jewelry and pearls. It just looks phony.

  5. sezme says:

    Where was she going in such a hurry that she couldn’t take a couple minutes to stop and talk to the teleprompter like a normal person? And this appeared to be one of those pseudo teleprompters where the screen is right above the camera lens so that we’re forced to stare up her nose the whole time. Oh, and a lady from Boca Raton circa 1981 called and wants her outfit back.

    Other than that, nice work with the backwards steadicam technique, videographer who would prefer to remain nameless!

  6. Lord Kitchener says:

    This ad is 1000% directed to the unions. I’m surprised it didn’t reference Mike Harris. Too bad this approach will alienate every private sector worker.

  7. Paul Brennan says:

    weird …too much movement – broken pavement , unkept lawns – I agree with angle issues….whats with Wynne and the outdoors …wonder who was in focus group for these

  8. Rolf says:

    YES!!!!! That’s an election winning video….. and she’s walking in -4ยบ weather too…. spring has sprung and so has Kathleen Wynne…. and now for spring cleaning ….

  9. Coelocanth_Jones says:

    So, she basically did a Rick Mercer style streeter, except in some random corner of North York, and without looking into the lens

  10. Philippe says:

    Strolling through middle-class neighbourhood like that seems so gimmicky. The ad is so damn boring.

    I think they should bring in Marketing Executives to whip up Political ads rather than Political operatives. Marketing whizz’ would do a much better job.

  11. Lance says:

    It is only just begun and they are already mailing it in. It is almost as if they don’t want to win.

  12. Paul Brennan says:

    I think its a jab at Harper..she is showing how long it takes to get to your community mail box…maybe she has her eye on a job in Ottawa

  13. Matt says:


    She WANTS voters to focus ON the Liberals record?


  14. Sylvia says:

    Justin represents generational change. Wynne represents Liberal change of gender preference. Somehow I suspect both will flop.

  15. JWS says:

    Notice she only attacks Hudak but not Horwath? It’s Horwath who will put the knife into the Liberal minority government and then attack their sordid record in a Spring election.

    Is Wynne planning on another Liberal minority government after a Spring election and depending on Horwath to shore it up? After all, the NDP supported the Liberals through their minority government.

    If Wynne can spook enough votes against Hudak, she may survive with another minority government, and protected by the NDP.

    • SD says:

      In the anti-Hudak ad, Kathleen Wynne’s target audience is not Conservative-leaning voters. She’s going after NDPers with her suggestion that Tim Hudak wants to weaken the unions and support for education workers. The subtle suggestion is that only her Liberals can stop Tim Hudak. If she becomes successful with this strategy, not only can her party win, but with a weak NDP, her party may win a majority of the seats.

  16. Paul Brennan says:

    there is a second commercial where she comes down “left” side of street to swipe at horwath , you saw the conservative or “right” side ad…

  17. Redgerrymander says:

    What I really find weird is her walking down some generic suburban street WITH NO SIDEWALKS… pretty much sums up who the Lib’s identify as important. Car-loving suburban and rich (or lucky enough) to occupy a million dollar post-war bungalow thanks to their parents.

  18. Randy Hope says:

    “I’m Kathleen Wynne and I stand behind this message.” (even though she was walking in both pre-election ads :)!

    Good message Kathleen but what about your ‘authenticity’, your ‘credibility’, your ‘integrity’, your ‘competence’ to lead Ontario away from your past Liberal record of failure?

    I suppose coming out with all guns blazing against the Hudak PCs and Horwath NDP makes sense if you are facing imminent defeat.

    Just let it all hang out and go for broke, hoping you can salvage another Liberal minority government which will either be: (a) quickly defeated on a Budget followed by another election, or, (b) shored up by the NDP if their election results were discouraging. Gonna be interesting.

  19. Randy Hope says:

    Did ya notice…. in the anti-PC ad, she was wearing an upscale outfit and decked out with jewelry, presumable to present her message to a more affluent blue audience. Then in the anti-NDP ad, she had a wardrobe change into something more downscale for a less affluent pinko audience! Hilarious!

  20. Mark says:

    It feels so surreal. I think Wes Anderson must have directed.

  21. Joe says:

    Reeks of desperation.

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