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So…about this. They responding today, perchance?




  1. !o! says:

    Gad, Hudak et al are incompetent.

    “gawrsh, the liberals have moved left to occupy the ndp space, now I can show all those people in my base who were whining that I wasn’t hardcore enough, how hardcore I am, HARD TO THE RIGHT! that ought to rally the base…”

  2. Paul Brennan says:

    weird stuff…the defict must be slayed but 2 years…no chance

  3. Matt says:

    What can they say?

    Ministry of Finance staff prepared a report for Wynne and her cabinet saying there was absolutely zero chance of the being able to eliminate the deficit on time the way they are spending.

    The former finance minister Dwight Duncan yesterday publicly stated he had warned the government for years that they couldn’t balance the books without massive cuts in spending.

    Everyone knows the Liberals fiscal plan is shear fantasy.

    • david ray says:

      I agree. Shearing is so much better than cutting.

    • Ian Howard says:

      Like the pot calling the kettle black. He was the man who made the green energy plan lucrative for everyone but the ratepayers. Not to mention the love affair with Godfrey and his total failure at the OLG.
      Dalton McGuinty and Dwight Duncan took some of the greatest revenues in the provinces history and spent like drunken sailors. Listen to those idiots at your peril.

      • Matt says:

        No doubt. He’s also the guy who increased the debt by about $154 Billion. I’m wondering if he isn’t trying to submarine Wynne because she beat his buddy Sandra for the leadership.

    • Elisabeth Lindsay says:

      Also…..what happened to the Don Drummond report?

  4. Matt says:

    Who is advising Trudeau?

    In his media scrum today:

    He said he’s looking forward to stumping with Kathleen Wynne and he said, with a straight face “Kathleen Wynne has been a good steward of Ontario’s economy”

    • Matt says:

      Not to mention that for the last week Liberal MP’s have been standing in Parliament every day telling the Conservative MP’s to butt out of the Ontario election, now their leader is butting his nose in it.

  5. Brammer says:

    How do you create one million jobs by putting 100,000 people on the street?

    More importantly, why the f**k would you give corporations an additional 30% tax break when corporate Canada has collectively hoarded away more than 500 billion and are doing piss all with it?

    • Matt says:

      Brammer, the PC platform today mentions a 30% business tax cut. I assume that also includes small and medium sized businesses too in addition to corporations, but I could be wrong.

      He also pulled the idea of selling the LCBO and the Beer Store. I was under the impression the Ontario government had no stake in the Beer Store.

      I thought it was owned 49% Molson, 49% Labatt and 2% Seagrams.

      • sezme says:

        49% Anheuser-Busch InBev (Belgium), 49% Molson-Coors (USA), 2% Sapporo (Japan). A great Canadian company!

  6. po'd says:

    Maybe they’re allowing some time for Hudak supporters to absorb Hurricane Hazel’s endorsement?

    From the National Post

    “At an earlier stop in Mississauga, Wynne was endorsed by the city’s mayor, the influential 93-year-old ‘Hurricane’ Hazel McCallion, who praised the Liberals for working closely with municipalities and took shots at the Tories and NDP.”

    • Matt says:

      Endorsements mean jack shit.

      • po'd says:

        Especially when your party of choice didn’t get it.

        • Matt says:

          Hazel is a Liberal party member, and has lost a lot of credibility in recent years.

          She always took pride in being able to account for and show where every tax dollar went under her watch.

          Yet she thinks $1.1 billion wasted on the gas plants is no big deal? Forget about it and move on she says.

          Why the change in attitude towards taxpayers? Is it because it was done by the party she belongs to or maybe because “her” city benefited from it?

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