06.23.2014 03:48 PM

Dear Ontario Liberals

You should probably read this.


Ontario Liberal Party War Room Chair,
2003, 2007 and 2011


  1. Coelocanth_Jones says:

    Know at least a couple blue grits who would, or should, feel very conflicted about these quotes

    • Warren says:

      That’s why someone sent them to me, I presume. I can guarantee you that any Ontario Liberal who comes out to support Tory will have these quotes raining down on him or her for the next four months.

  2. Joe says:

    What is it with the premier of the province getting involved with the mayoralty race? Doesn’t sound right to me regardless of who the premier or mayoralty candidates are. Here’s a hint Madam Premier: If you want to become involved in city politics – step down as premier and run for council.

    • que sera sera says:

      Speaking of Toronto city politics, I suspect PM Harper will be more careful about being caught cavorting on video (again) with Conservative crackhead Mayor Ford & his cabal of enablers. The PMO had a Sisyphean task trying to squelch copies of that particular video, eh!! LOL!!

      What is it with Conservatives & their faux outrage over marijuana reforms when Conservative Mayor Ford – point man on Harper’s wildly dysfunctional trifecta of right wing politicos – is an admitted crackhead and a fishing buddy of the PM of Canada?

    • Warren says:

      Dear everyone who are coincidentally posting almost identical responses under different names: cool it.

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