06.25.2014 07:37 AM

Mr. David Bowie, rock star, makes Ottawa Citizen, newspaper, eat shit sandwich





  1. JH says:

    That’s the media for you. It’s all about the headline and the race to the bottom. Never about lifting anyone up. ‘If it bleeds, it leads’.

  2. crf says:

    And will the Citizen fire whoever made up the original story? They should, since that reporter was just making things up. If they did it once, they’ve probably done it before, and will do it again.

  3. sezme says:

    Ground control to Ottawa…

  4. Matt says:

    Guess the fact checkers were the first to go in their plan to cut costs.

  5. Tired of it All says:

    On page 2, no less. I opened it up (yes, I still get print) and I read the headline to my wife – the lawyer. We both agreed, that’s something, right there, and some serious brand management by Mr. Bowie. Good on him for cuffing the Citizen upside the head.

    Meanwhile, The Daughter, 9, glances at the photo and asks “what happened to the red hair and lightning bolt on his face? Why does he look so old?” The Son, 6, quips, “I guess he’s not Ziggy Stardust today…”

    *so proud*…

  6. debs says:

    and Good for David Bowie, as he had already been screwed once by that record company, glad to see he can still swing. The reporter was ridcilous, perhaps an email to Bowies people would have been better before he shot his mouth/fingers off.

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