07.03.2014 10:30 AM

From the overflowing ‘A Picture Worth 1,000 Words’ file: Rob Ford

Maybe it’s just me, but I think he should consider using a different receptacle to drink stuff.  Which I’m certain is water, and not something else.

In related news, I’m assuming the reason he didn’t sue me for saying that he used heroin was that he, you know, used heroin.


  1. Bobby says:

    looks like your contributors are getting about as sick of this as I am. Have left media outlets that insist on making junk like this news and change the channel when this guy’s mug and his story make prime time.

    • TrueNorthist says:

      Ya right, nobody watches reality TV or buys scandal rags eh? lol Expect the beatings to continue for as long as they insist on running for public office.

      • debs says:

        exactly, if he had any sense or reason, he would have stepped down last year when the scandal hit big, but what he is doing is dragging out his own demise. The guy is deluded or he is a glutton for punishment:) I guess his newest line is thats the alcoholic in him, me I think its that he fired all his competent advisors and is following his gut.lol

        • Bobby says:

          Not a Ford fan at all, but the hypocrisy of some media and opponents are really rich. They’re the same folks who said that if he went and got help things would be easier on him, yet he gets help and well….you know the rest.

          Admit it. Without Ford the media is stuck for stories. When Ford’s the top story over Canada Day there is seriously something wrong.

          • doconnor says:

            Maybe they would have been easier on him if he stopped acting so Rob Fordish: Excluding reporters from press conferences, getting confronted by a shirtless protestor (which wasn’t his fault, but newsworthy for any major politian), giving nonsensical answers to interview questions and cancelling interviews at the last minute.

          • TrueNorthist says:

            And another miss! It was the Fords themselves who encouraged the “return from club-rehab” media blitz in the first place. They now want it to stop simply because they got caught lying, yet again. The only way the Fords can stop this now is to resign, both of them. All of this is the result of their own actions and it is absurd to even suggest otherwise.

  2. james Smith says:

    Is it me or did this man look and act “medicated” yesterday?

    • sezme says:

      Not just you.

      Also, by his own words, every bad thing he’s ever done is because of his disease. And he’ll never be cured. Ipso facto, he is now excused for life for anything he does bad in the future. At rehab he learned a lot about humility hubris.

      • debs says:

        yeah I thought that too, his eyes were dilated and weird, probably antidepressants. I agree, he was setting up the next adventure or for past indiscretions, and giving him an excuse when it happens. IE the sex tape, it wasnt me, it was the alcohol. The dead body, it wasnt me, it was the alcohol, the next trip off the wagon, im an addict…adnauseam

  3. sezme says:

    Just to prove that that Molson Canadian mug he’s sipping water from isn’t a trigger, I think he should try walking around with an Iceberg vodka bottle filled with water, and rather than using a straw, he should really just chug it.

    No, I’m not making fun of his alcoholism. I’m making fun of his laughable attempt at public redemption.

  4. SD says:

    This may be off topic, but the image of Shirtless Joe attacking Rob and Doug Ford is very powerful. Here is an average Joe who Rob and Doug claim to represent who is attacking those two. The image is powerful!

    • Chris says:

      Ah-hah, but he is not an average Joe, he is the favored whipping boy of the average Joe and the root of many of the ills of society – a public high-school teacher.

      Overpaid, gold plated pension and all the while poisoning the minds of impressionable youth with left-wing propaganda.

      Unlike the self-made Ford brothers, Shirtless Joe has only ever known how to leech off the hard working taxpayers on Ontario, offering nothing in return and holding students and parents hostage with ever increasing and unreasonable demands.

      • Justin says:

        “Self made Ford brothers?”. I really hope you’re joking.

      • TrueNorthist says:

        The Fords are about as self-made as Prince Charles. It really must sting that an angy, naked guy gets more positive press coverage than your Ford villiage idiots ever will.

      • Kaspar Juul says:

        Chris does self made mean being born into wealth and having a company handed to you?

        That’s hilarious. Does the Ford Village have a comedy club now?

  5. DJ says:

    He was very subdued in the interview with Drummond. He could have medicated, but I think it was more of an act to try and gain sympathy.

  6. TrueNorthist says:

    Expect the Fords to spend a huge amount of money to try and go around the media. But the fact that they are already running from the press means they blew the “great comeback”. Finally some good news!

    I have to say I kinda feel sorry for whoever is dumb enough to work for those two clowns. Must pay very well though.

    • DJ says:

      How much money do the Fords actually have? Olivia Chow’s campaign seems the most energetic and well-organized. I suspect her campaign leads in fundraising.

    • doconnor says:

      Because they can only donate a vary limited amount of money to their own campaign, the Fords are unlikely to be able to spend a lot of money on anything.

      • The Other Jim says:

        Only someone clearly racist against the Ford family would expect them to follow the rules!

      • james Smith says:

        I know that under the city of Toronto act, the rules are somewhat different than the act that covers the rest of Ontario Municipal campaigns. In the rest of the province, the candidate & the candidate’s spouse may self finance one’s own municipal campaign. I think this is the same in Toronto. If one were to receive a bonus from a corporation, declare it as income and then roll it into his campaign, I don’t think there is any rule against that. As well Mr F has demonstrated over the years municipal campaign rules are a paper tiger that he ignores with no consequences.

      • TrueNorthist says:

        Do you seriously believe the Fords give a hoot about the law? If Robby is comfortable driving around town, swigging straight vodka from a water bottle with city staff and his kids in the car it isn’t much of a stretch to imagine him ignoring election laws. Hell, Doug wanders the streets of his ward handing out cash to buy votes!

  7. david ray says:

    You betcha. He got an overdose of Shirtless Joe and unlike Obama who handled Joe the Plumber with aplomb ole Robbie and DOFO just stood there wearing their idiot grins in full view of the world. I’m sure Jimmy Kimmel or Jon Stewart will be all over this. Now if someone could only corner King Steve my summer would be made 🙂

    • debs says:

      im hoping someone hires shirtless Joe for that exact job, there are way more things to yell at Harper, and he can use Marge Delahunty for backup. I would love to see Harper handle Joe, betcha he doesnt use the chretian hold on him. he would run like a chicken.

      • debs says:

        we are, and its soo much fun, helps when there are news reports to back up the claims along with photos, IE JOE sans shirt, Chretian chokeholding protester. Harper running to his bunker or flying out of the country to avoid akward press conferences and embarassing questions.
        And in your case theres that time that JT lost in the ring with patrick, oh wait, well back to the drawing board:)

      • Ron says:

        Harpo doesn’t have to pull stuff out of his ass to diss other politicos. He has Novak’s Harperbunker do that for him.

        Wherever he is, I’m sure he has his mounties and armoured car protecting him from the progressive hordes.

  8. debs says:

    this guy really looks terrible and that interview, yeesh, I think he must have been on a mix of valium and antidepressants, and I wonder how many times hehad to memorize his catch phrase “im an alcoholic”. Yes Rob you are, and you are in danger of dying if you dont leave public office and get some real help. His family isnt doing him any favours and I will puke watching Dougs tearful eulogy on tv. Really sad this guy doesnt just take his chips and go home for some real therapy, hanging with his kids, taking the days slower and really looking after himself.
    power corrupts the soul I guess. he has money, so he could afford to take years off, but meh whatever.

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