07.31.2014 07:07 AM

Our best Deadmau5/Ford lines

There’s a ridiculous amount of coverage, this morning, about the totally ridiculous summit between Rob Ford and DJ Deadmau5.  As a public service, we at Daisy came up with some funny lines for the other mayoralty candidates. We offer these to you, gratis.

  • Hey Rob – we don’t need City Hall run like a Mickey Mouse operation anymore.
  • Hey Rob, poor old John here thinks someone actually showed up with a dead mouse, today.
  • I’m more into classic rock.  I particularly like the Who’s ‘Won’t Get Fooled Again’.
  • Rob, where are your glow sticks?
  • A giant mouse? Better than a pink elephant, I guess. 


  1. socks clinton says:

    Wish this news alert is for real


  2. TrueNorthist says:

    Official prediction time: Frod is dreaming when he says 50% love him. More like 10%, but several of those work for a media outfit so it looks much bigger. There will be a huge wave of voters determined to see Frod out of office, combined with a low turnout of Frod Nation types. He will place a distant 3rd.

  3. Just askin' says:

    How could anyone resist taking a ride in the Purrari? This is the best car in the universe!


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