09.30.2014 07:01 AM

Sue Ann Levy in her own words

She was going after Yours Truly on a local radio station this morning, I’m told.

I won’t call her a member of the lunatic fringe, because that would be unfair to lunatics who live on the fringes. Instead, I’ll quote Her Craziness herself, from a story the now-defunct Grid did on her. It’s a beaut.

“…I always felt you shouldn’t go after your colleagues, and I always made it my business not to. I’m appalled, in the last six months, by the way some of my colleagues have taken really personal shots at me.”

Apologize for Ezra’s words? We should apologize that SAL exists.


  1. smelter rat says:

    She’s even nuttier than Licia Corbella.

  2. Ron says:

    Who is Sue Ann Levy and why should we care ?

  3. patrick says:

    LOL. Levy thinks she has “colleagues”. She actually thinks she is part of the press, that she is a journalist. She really thinks that her childish name calling and almost incoherent ramble of words demands respect. Well, as I just read, the stupid have an inflated view of their own talents because they are too stupid to know any different. Ah, blissful ignorance.

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