09.15.2014 09:29 AM

The passion of the Fords

Spotted on Twitter.  Anyone know who all these folks are? I can only name a few. (And, yes, Tory was always a Ford disciple.)



  1. Matt says:

    Going from left to right:

    Doug, Doug’s daughter Krista (?), the actual kind who played the son on the Soprano’s they forgot to photoshop a different head on, Momma Ford, looks like Joe Warmington of the Sun behind her, Rob’s wife Renata, Rob, not sure of the woman over Rob’s sholder, Lisi in the tank top, Giorgio Mammoliti, not sure of the next guy, Tory, Rob’s former Chief of Staff Mark Towhey.

  2. Matt says:

    Maybe the woman over Rob’s sholder is Robyn Dolittle, author of Crazy Town?

    Pic is small on my screen, bu I googled he pic and it kind of looks like her.

  3. Robert says:

    Shouldn’t John Tory be in Judas’ seat? (e.g., he has betrayed Rob Ford)

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