10.09.2014 12:58 PM

John Lennon would have been 74 today



  1. Patrice Boivin says:

    yes, imagine how great a world without religion would be.

  2. Robin says:

    It’s not your lawn! It is the traditional land of the First Nation people where your live and you’re squatting on it which is fine since First Nations did not have individual or private land ownership, land, like the air and water is there to be used peacefully and shared responsibly. Imagine no possessions and you can stay in your house by the lawn as long as you need it and provide good stewardship because you didn’t inherit your lawn from your ancestors, you are borrowing it from your descendants. Happy Thanksgiving. Be grateful. Peace. (Besides, it’s just a lawn for %#&!!@ sakes!) 😉

  3. terraderma says:

    Alan Klein had nothing on Yoko.

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