11.13.2014 07:50 AM

Byline: in which I argue that Trudeau is the still the guy to beat


  1. rod says:

    Correct, Warren…. but it’s Mulcair who must beat Trudeau to hold on to Leader of the OOP and his digs in Stornoway. In fact, Mulcair’s position as NDP leader is at stake if Justin hopscotches over him into OOP leader or even worse as PM of Canada.

    Look to a very dirty and take no prisoners NDP election campaign aimed primarily at Trudeau. The CPC will also launch their own vicious attack ads against Justin. Of course these strategies could backfire and sympathetic Canadians might flock to their beloved Justin and make him PM of Canada just to spite the NDP and CPC… now wouldn’t that be ironic!

  2. Warren says:

    Yeah, I tried to get back at it but I was cut off

  3. Joe says:

    As my old Commanding Officer used to say, “It takes a good man to beat me but it doesn’t take him very F’n long!”

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