04.14.2016 06:12 PM

I’m in Calgary, but I’m having a good laugh right about now

Ha ha ha, etc.


  1. Derek Pearce says:

    I remember awhile ago one of the commenters here posted a link to a Wikipedia article about what psychological syndrome he exhibits, and I wish I could remember what that link was. I don’t think it was this– but for sure he exhibits many of the signs of Borderline Personality Disorder– and I really mean that without snark, I experienced a turbulent friendship with someone under that diagnosis and the similarities are notable.

  2. Eric Weiss says:

    “Marin also asked his former office “on several occasions for the domain names andremarin.ca and andremarin.com” but they were released before he was given access.”

    Please, please tell me you bought those domains. That would be hilarious.

  3. Wookieballs says:

    Ah, yeah…cause a torched earth policy always works well!

  4. Adam says:

    Maybe he and John Gomery can start their own YouTube channel.

  5. Wookieballs says:

    I can’t wait for Marin’s opening arguments!

    “You see your honour the hiring process was unfair from the beginning, in that many people applied but that was supposed to be just a screen and I was supposed to get the job anyway. However, when it became clear I was the one the process was unfair to, well that was just unacceptable. I just had to fight for my rights, and the ombudsman job IS mine by right!”

  6. Wookieballs says:

    Ontario’s always classy and and now always former ombudsman directly tweets his successor:

    André Marin ‏@Ont_AndreMarin
    1/2 @Ont_Ombudsman Paul Dubé emails OO staff that he will “vigorously” defend against my lawsuit..!!

    André Marin ‏@Ont_AndreMarin
    2/2 Careful, Paul @Ont_Ombudsman. 5 yrs goes by fast. U may b the next 1 locked out of ur office. U won’t like that.

    Thanks Andy for showing us what your “graceful exit” would have looked like.

  7. Joseph Krengel says:

    On what planet does a lawyer hold a press conference saying that if nobody does anything that their term of service will end, then turn around and sue because they didn’t know their term of service was ending?!

    • Diana R says:

      On what planet does a lawyer:

      Publicize his statement of claim so the defendants have no incentive left to settle quietly? https://t.co/NiLwRRX29C

      Open the door to for the defendants to bring up ever single “with cause” thing the plaintiff has ever done?

      Give the defendants an excuse to fully and wholesomely investigate the plaintiff’s 10 years in office (and his previous offices)?

      So expertly unites his enemies and creates a bunch of new ones against him all at once?

      Starts taunting his replacement he is suing on Twitter?

      And by the way his statement of claim makes no mention of that $3000 flat screen we bought for his Ottawa home being returned!

  8. Gareth says:

    I woke up this morning to what I thought was an earthquake. I was relieved to find it was just a horde of people from the last couple decades of Marin’s life stampeding to offer themselves up as witnesses against him.

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