07.31.2016 12:39 PM

Not so fast

Dear USA: You will need to pass an IQ test before we let you in. Signed, Canada.


  1. Francis says:

    Jesus Christ, no.

    Stay the fuck where you are.

    If Hillary wins and Trump supporters start looking northwards, I’m gonna run for office on a “build a wall” platform.

    “They’re bringing in gun, they’re bringing in drugs, they’re nut-jobs. Some of them are good, maybe — I don’t know. But they’re certifiably insane.”

  2. harvey bushell says:

    Lineup at border immigration after IQ test requirement.


  3. Maps Onburt says:

    So typical of the elitist left…. we could do worse than to have some of their entrepreneurial spirit in this country.

  4. e.a.f. says:

    O.K. I’m good with the I.Q. test, but we also have to administer a test for social awareness, history, and geography. Once that is passed they have to surrender all their weapons, all of them, and we will give them a medical card. Then to ensure they are into Canada and what we stand for they go to Quebec for one year to learn French (immersion). (that will weed out most of the Trumpeters) O.K. people from Chicago and Detroit don’t have to do a winter in Quebec, they know winter.

    We do joke about Americans wanting to move to Canada after the election, however, if Trump is elected and he moves forward with some of his “ideas”, we could have millions apply and be granted refugee status.

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