09.10.2016 08:42 AM

Adorable deplorables say Trump is horrible

SFH are the biggest basket of deplorables you’ll ever meet, and we wrote a song about Donald Trump! Share it! Sing it! Shout it!


  1. Jay Currie says:

    Sneering at the electorate always works.

    Warren, she needs you now! Stat. ASAP.

  2. Sean McLaughlin says:

    I think “deplorable” is far too kind a description for the Klansmen and Traditionalist Workers Party members who, having taken inspiration from Donald J. Trump, have been distributing hate propaganda in my adopted and otherwise pleasant home town in western Kentucky. Web of Hate helped me understand these types some in high school back in the 90s and the one thing I learned was that you have to shine a light in their eyes if you want to defeat them.

    • Eric Weiss says:

      Sweeping brushstrokes generalizing huge portions of Trump supporters as bigots is never a good idea. A large number of Trump supporters are disaffected working class voters who’ve seen their standard of living drop, middle class manufacturing jobs dry up and they’re hurting. Democrats and progressives used to care about these people. Now they sneer at them and say that they’re just bigots?

      • Sean McLaughlin says:

        Yes, but… it is quite true that vile members of organized hate groups, such as the two cited above that are active in my community, are enthusiastic components of Camp Trump. And then added to them are a good number of more passive racists and bigots. This is an actual real thing that’s pretty disconcerting here in the US, guys, not a campaign trail talking point.

        I don’t think Clinton should’ve walked the remark back first, because it’s reasonably accurate, and second, because Trump’s courtship of these elements is shameful. The decision to call him out on it, was, I think, a good one, it’s just that the line of attack hasn’t been managed as well as it should.

        HRC’s tv ads have been quite good at targeting moderate Republicans, but I wouldn’t mind seeing her introduce some alt-right ads aimed at bringing Bernie Sanders supporters into the fold. She really needs to focus on winning over nominal Democrats if she wants to avoid being Ralph Nadered like Al Gore was in 2000.

        As for disaffected working class voters, I’d suggest they consider voting for the party of minimum wage hikes, job training grants, and free college tuition instead of the blowhard who blames all of their problems on people with different skin tones.

        • Eric Weiss says:

          I voted for the Cretien Liberals their first term. Then when Reform was founded, Copps et al started smearing all of them as racists and white supremacists. I’m an Albertan. Those were my friends, family and neighbours they were talking about. And even though there was a tiny minority element of that in the early Reformers it didn’t represent the majority. I’ve never voted Liberal again.

          It wasn’t fair of the Liberals then, it isn’t fair for the Dems now. It could turn a tiny percentage against Hillary. Broad sweeping generalizations always do. Plenty of Dems have republican friends and neighbours and can take offence. And she’s pretty much the least popular Dem candidate in history. As the election tightens up, as they always do in a two person race, it could make a difference.

  3. Lukelele says:

    Do you suppose this is a good move? She just left half the electorate feeling insulted. Seems dumb. Lose the election dumb? Not sure.

    • Jay Currie says:

      She was already on the way to losing the election. The next few weeks are not going to be kind. Wiki leaks, her three IT guys before Congress, dealing with the Donald in debates. Plus, while people may hold their noses and vote for her nobody actually likes her. Real world, the black people who pushed Obama over the top may sit this one out. Trump is polling 25 percent with Latinos. And the nice, college educated white ladies are having trouble with her obstruction of justice.

      Trump, for all his many faults, is about change and change seems to be on the agenda.

      • talltexan says:

        Jay what you wrote is the BIGGEST PILE OF WARM HORSE POOP I have ever read. What parallel universe do you inhabit? All of the polling both state and electoral college shows Clinton ahead, and that is NOT going to change. Drumpf is supported by KKK’ers, storfronters, and every whack job and nut case in the US. It tells me something about an candidate when 15% of his own party won’t support him, and a candidate who has managed to insult just about every demographic he needs to win: Hispanics, Blacks , Women, the list is endless. If he think he can win an election winning the 60 and over white male demographic. HE IS DELUSIONAL!

        • Bruce Arthur says:

          It may be true that you can’t fool all the people all the time, but you can fool enough of them to rule a large country.

          William Durant

          Because something is happening here
          But you don’t know what it is
          Do you, Mister Jones?

          BOB DYLAN

          … dogs know best what to do with polls.

          John Diefenbaker

          This election is the Democrats to lose.
          It always was.
          And, no, they can’t blame Bernie.


        • Lukelele says:

          Everything you say is true, and yet I am still very nervous of how this plays out. For some reason he still polls more competitively than I would expect, given that he is a piece of shit and all. And I am nervous that Hillary is not campaigning right for the mood of the electorate. I am warming up to her considerably, and between her and Trump there isn’t the vaguest contest, but… She still seems like the establishment candidate in an antiestablishment time who just appears to have insulted about half of the electorate. (Not arguing the merits of her point – – I completely agree with her, although wording was I’ll considered.)

          • talltexan says:

            You are worried about the national polls which show some tightening. However, we do NOT have a national vote, we have an electoral college, and those polls, (the polls that are state based) show a consistent lead for Mrs. Clinton.

        • Lukelele says:

          I know about the electoral college. Hillary Clinton should win, but I am not the least convinced it is even close to a sure thing. Whatever the polls and electoral college considerations say, there are two months to go and the American public is pretty negative about both candidates. Donald Dickhead gives people something to vote for, however perverse that sounds, whereas Hillary’s message is less evident and seemingly about being against the other guy. Hillary Clinton appearing to insult nearly one half of the population is not going to do her any favours, I think. For some reason though, Donald Trump seems to be able to get away with repeatedly insulting more than half the population and vulgarly and errantly at that, yet he always seems to surprise a lot of people and keeps winning repeatedly. That says something to me. Anyway I hope he ultimately can’t get away with anything and isn’t elected.

        • Eric Weiss says:

          Yeah… Never say “that is not going to change”. The Dems have been coasting and underestimating Trumps populism. That’s a recipe for disaster. The race is tightening up. Maybe too little too late for Trump. But Clinton is the second most unpopular POTUS candidate in History. She’s just lucky that she’s running against the first.

  4. Kevin says:

    Jay’s right. Insulting the electorate is never a good idea, no matter how accurate a description that is. And her half-assed apology won’t help. Of course, the people she insulted would never vote for her anyway, so there’s that.

    Great band name, though: Les déplorables.

  5. Stevo says:

    Hillary is sliding in the polls. Now she hAs started the adorable deplorable movement for trump which will be. Hugh by election time. Debates. No policy. No stamina. No crowds showing up compared to trumps. Also more wikileaks. Does not look good for hillary. It’s slipping away again and to see the blame she only has to look in the mirror to see a candidate that only cares about power not people. The basket comment. CleArly illistrates this. Birds of a feather flock together. Clinton hangs out with liberal elites not real people

  6. Carey Miller says:

    Nobody quite says it but so many talk around it. It is only because of Donald Trump that many people are considering coming out to vote for Hillary Clinton. Not because she is a woman but because she just does not portray the ineffable qualities of leadership, integrity and vision that people want in their leaders. Gore had the same problem, as did Kerry. Neither did Bush Jr but he, like Clinton now, had a great campaign organization.

    Hillary Clinton has spent almost the last two decades trying to become President and has been rebuffed. This is a “her turn” campaign and it shows.

  7. Jay Currie says:

    The SFH song you lead with, which I rather like, seems to be performing the same role as Abide with Me did on the Titanic. Catchy tune though.

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