09.14.2016 06:42 AM

One year ago

…so Facebook tells me. Amazing. 

I, like everyone else, will be writing the obligatory Year of Trudeau™ column(s) in the days ahead. In short form, however, I will say his pros and cons are:

  • Pros: Like Harper, he has absorbed his nearest opponent – in Harper’s case, the PCs; in his, the NDP. Huge. 
  • Cons: He has raised expectations to a level that no human could ever satisfy. C-51, TPP, pipelines, aboriginal issues, electoral reform, health transfers and other thorny nettles await. 

Fun promise-tracker here. Click away. And, in the meantime, here’s that simply amazing Nanos chart from just a year ago. Wow. 


  1. Ron says:

    It’s hard to see what the NDP can do in Montreal that can start a turnaround.

    Or is it the end of the beginning, soon to be followed by the beginning of the end ?

  2. Francis says:

    Thats just nuts.

    I can’t believe how close the NDP got to forming government.

    Too bad they shat the bed. Now they’re at 13% nationally.

    They’re also stuck with Mad Mulcair, their Arrogant-In-Chief.

    I’ve never seen someone so pathetically desperate to hold on to relevance as Tom. His presence is such a drag on the NDP, I can’t understand why their caucus chooses to keep this guy around when his main objective appears to be to seek some kind of vengeance through his personal bitterness towards Trudeau.

  3. Ted H says:

    Now it’s really out in the open Les, we can really express our true feelings now that our boy is in power instead of yours. “F**k the West! Just kidding, no I’m not, yes I am, no I’m not, yes I am…………………………………..

    • Kaspar Juul says:


      Go talk to someone. That level of anger isnt healthy and your losing your mind about drywall.

      I live west of you, have had my place destroyed by wildfires and lost my road to a mudslide 5 years ago. I dont feel the same anger. We rebuilt and eventually sold to exchange those problems with other problems. That’s life

      Your perceptions of other Canadians are pretty extreme and not overly based in reality. Sorry but peel back all that anger and youre losing it over drywall.

      It isnt healthy Les. It really isnt.

      If you’re not Canadian how can you be a second class citizen “in your own country”. Remove the anger and none of that makes any sense.

  4. Gord says:

    Well, like you always say, campaigns matter. The Tory campaign never really got any traction and gradually shifted into ‘play to the base’ / ‘save the furniture’ mode. The NDP campaign was similarly uninspired when they needed voters to take a leap of faith. The Liberals ran a disciplined campaign and took advantage of low expectations of Trudeau and the resiliency of the Liberal brand.

  5. Ron says:

    “For America, Canadian water, for China, Canadian wheat. For Russia, Canadian hockey. For Canada, Canadian mewling, whining and puking.”

    ~ Michael Magee

  6. Dan Calda says:

    Paranoia will destroya…
    If you are a second class citizen then the Maritimes are a third world country.
    Whine much?

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