10.22.2016 09:27 AM

Adler-Kinsella Show: Daisy, Trudeau’s promise,Trump’s failure 


  1. Daryl gordon says:

    Are comments disabled?

  2. Daryl gordon says:

    Just finished the US political shows. My conclusion: Clinton’s corruption and deception is acknowledged by all, right or left. Of course everyone condemns Trump.

    Mainstream media have been shamed into covering Wikileaks and access to information data. Late to the party but the torrent of negative information is available to anyone and has been for months.

    Democrats are not even denying the info but trying to deflect the blame to Russia interference or inaccuracies. Hoping nothing more damning comes out before the election.

    My question : is it not apparent that Clinton is far more dangerous than Trump. She has been bought and paid for many times over and those “Clinton Cash” contributers will come calling should she become President.

    She has legally compromised the Obama admin to the point of being above the law. No indictment, immunity for witnesses and 5th ammendment ensured that. Bills tarmac meeting with the department of justice only the icing on the cake.

    Both major candidates should have been disqualified before the primaries as neither could pass a thorough and honest vetting.

    Whoever wins will not last a full term, way too much dirt and many powerful enemies. Impeachment, indictment, imprisonment, pick your poison.

    Ps: Wikileaks should be celebrated not condemned.

    Thanks to all who reply

    • dave constable says:

      You’re welcome.
      I agree with what you say, including your doubts about Clinton. Very early in his admin I began to distrust Obama, and his admin has only added to that distrust. I really disliked the lies that led our military to commit to the crimes against Libya and its people, and I never did like NATO, even before 1990. I am sure a Clinton admin will continue to provoke Russia and China militarily; Washington is not going to allow Russia to become one economic trade area with Europe, and will not allow China’s business links across South Asia and into Africa to go much further. Unfortunately, fo rall of us, Washington’s only response will be military.
      A Clinton admin will continue to drone strike people across South Asia and into Africa.
      I also dislike Trans Pacific Partnership, but fear that a Clinton admin will ram it through…and that our gang in Ottawa will toddle along with it (announcing it on a Friday night, no doubt.)
      Trump comes across like a rich boor trying to look folksy. The only positive I can say on Trump is that the Washington establishment will make sure he never gets to the White House.

      Now you have made me feel gloomy.

    • Francis says:

      “Ps: Wikileaks should be celebrated not condemned.”

      Are you fucking insane?

      Wikileaks is happily playing an active role to damage the reputation of Hillary Clinton by assailing her through surrogates. They are not simply disseminating information for the sake of transparency, they are explicitly targeting one individual with selective (and narrated) leaks.

      There was a time when even I supported Wikileaks, despite how damaging their actions were. Even when the emails of Debbie WS were leaked, I supported Wikileaks because it shed light on some unsavoury behaviour by power brokers. However, since then, Julian Assange has proven in no uncertain terms that he intends on being a dedicated third-party agent in this election with the sole intention of disparaging Hilary Clinton.

      There are 2 main issues here:

      1) That Wikileaks is willingly accepting hacked-data from an external operative (Russian) seeking to play a covert role in an extremely consequential democratic process.
      2) That Wikileaks is narrating and presenting said data in a fashion that is blatantly meant to harm a single individual; HRC

      It has been made abundantly clear through Wikileak’s Twitter feed that they are happy to participate as a medium for hacked-data that strictly presents Clinton and her supporters in a negative light. They aren’t even exposing the entire political process, they are targeting a specific side of it to unduly influence an election.

      Not only am I livid by this, but hugely disappointed. I once believed Wikileaks could play a positive role in forcing oligarchies into the day-light but Julian Assange’s decision to be a political activist is just despicable.

      They are the cyber equivalent of a terrorist group.

      • Daryl Gordon says:

        Francis: If you have a chance, go to WSJ.COM , Sunday. Theres an article by Dealing Barret titled: Clinton Ally aided campaign of FBI officials wife.

        This information would not come out any other way but Wiki leaks. No one should be above the law, no matter how powerfull.

  3. doconnor says:

    “is it not apparent that Clinton is far more dangerous than Trump. She has been bought and paid for many times over and those “Clinton Cash” contributers will come calling should she become President.”

    Unlike Clinton, Trump will only look out for himself and his unquenchable ego, and he will do it incompetently.

    • Ron says:

      A Trumpf cabinet full of ambulance chasers, carpetbaggers, fixers, sellouts, greedheads, professional hecklers, cheats and seekers is just as dangerous, if not more so..

      • Daryl gordon says:

        Ron : Your comment is an almost perfect description of Bill and Hillary’s career from Arkansas to the whitehouse.

        Unfortunately it applies to most modern politicians of any stripe. Money and influence win elections, nice guys finish last.

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