10.10.2016 08:01 PM

HRC in Ohio tonight 

More than 18,000, says the Secret Service. Why don’t you try and throw her in jail tonight, you racist bastard. 


  1. dave constable says:

    No,no, she won’t be arrested. She speaks for Wall Street and gave us a great pro war rant on the debate last night. She will be just fine.

    Speaking of arresting ne’er-do-wells in those United States, earlier today on one of my sites I go on there popped up a selfie style vid by one of those movie and tv stars, showing herself in warm togs taking part in the protest at Standing Rock in North Dakota. She kept her vid running for a long time, showing especially the impressive police presence defending the pipeline company’s right. If you google ‘Shailene Woodley’ you will easily find her feed (apparently viewed by a couple of million so far). You might not want to watch the whole thing, so the last 5 or 6 minutes will show her being arrested and taken away zip tied by the cops.
    There, you have a trouble maker, a young woman, being arrested…
    …but Clinton , arrested? No, she won’t be arrested.

  2. Ronald O'Dowd says:


    Hillary’s 11 point lead is not a surprise given recent events. Absolutely agree with you that Clinton has to — read, MUST put Trump away in the last debate. Otherwise, the race will begin to tighten again in the final weeks of the campaign.

    I suspect she hasn’t done that so far because of a legitimate fear of going out of control if sufficiently provoked. That’s a fuse she doesn’t want to light, in herself.

  3. MississaugaPeter says:

    An impressive sized crowd.

    But not as big as Trump’s in Pennsylvania tonight.


    Which is the size of most of his 2X-4X/week rallies the past month.

    • Warren says:

      Why do you want him to win?

      • MississaugaPeter says:

        My dad asked me the same question after Thanksgiving Day dinner.

        I told him that I despise both Hillary and Trump equally. I believe both have really sold their souls to the devil and thus when I pray to St. Michael the Archangel after mass, I am praying against both of them. Underneath the facades, both are incredibly disgusting individuals.

        Thus when I am in the company of Trump supporters, I have nothing good to say about him. From Trump University to all the other narcissistic, failed companies he created (the one I mention the most frequently is Trump Airlines). My unwavering disgust for Trump was revealed to my family almost a decade ago when I took them to Hollywood and I saw in a prime spot outside the Dolby Theatre (where the Academy Awards are held) Trump’s star.

        Thus when I am in the company of Hillary supporters, I have nothing good to say about her. But what kills me is 1) Hillary supporters don’t realize that there really is something about her that makes such a large number of Americans disgusted by her (so much so that they would support somebody so pathetic as Trump) and 2) if there was ever a bias in an election for one candidate over another among the media, it is today.

        The sad part is that Trump supporters don’t hold as big a grudge against you the way most Hillary supporters do. Many Trump supporters acknowledge his warts, but still ignorantly support him anyways because they hate Hillary. Hillary supporters on the other hand, blindly put her on an incredibly high pedestal and mostly, completely ignore her failings.

        No matter who wins, America loses. If Hillary wins, the same old, same old will continue. If you think America is on the right path, where 1 in 3 Black American men will be in prison some time in their lives, then Hillary is your choice. If Trump wins, the same old, same old will also continue. 1 in 3 Black American men will still end up in jail some time in their lives. Neither choice will make much of a difference. If you really think Roe vs. Wade is going to be overturned by Trump/Pence, you really deserve to lose your money in a ponzi scheme or swamp land purchase. Harper didn’t do it, Trump will not either. Trump is just as likely to push the button as Clinton. Both would be surrounded by friends and family in the bunkers while the rest of us died.

        No WK, I do not want him to win. I wish he would have a heart attack and be replaced (just as much as I would hope the same for Hillary). Yup, I said it. May or may not have added more time in Purgatory by saying it, but that is how I feel.

        • Warren says:

          I get all that. But a vote against her is a vote for him.

          • MississaugaPeter says:

            I unfortunately can see a vote against her being also a vote against him. The best vote is a vote for neither Hillary or Trump.

            American democracy is unlike almost every democracy in the world, where there are only two voices on the presidential debate stage. A vote against Hillary and Trump is a vote against a system that makes it easy for the 1% to perpetuate their interests. A vote against Hillary and Trump is a vote against a system that gives only two hated options.

            I believe a less mature WK would see this third way of voting. I believe a less mature WK and I would hope that enough people would do the same.

          • MississaugaPeter says:

            BTW, I understand the first woman president thing. I have two daughters who just left their teens. But the reality is that today young women (at least in Canada) are way ahead on average than young men. A change has already occurred and we can expect when we are grandfathers to see more women than men in Parliament and numerous women prime ministers. There really is no rush to vote in a bad woman president just for the sake of it.

          • james elder says:

            to all christian republicans. this week before the cock crows three times you will deny your fealty to trump but we know you’ll vote for him anyway. enjoy the crucifiction.. i know it’s misspelled. Ok I’m leaving now. jeez:(

        • MoeL says:

          I too can’t stand either of them. What I am really hoping for though is a decisive Hillary win that results in the Democrats taking control of Congress. She would probably then have to deal with some pretty progressive legislation from that bunch (remember Bernie). Watch what you wish for!

  4. Francis says:

    There was a time when someone like Donald Trump would’ve been thrown in jail.

    J. Edger Hoover, for example, would have a lot of questions for Trump and the fact that he’s reciting fabricated Russian stories verbatim on an campaign stump, that only the Kremlin would have access to. Ironically, for a political that still uses “commie” as a derogatory term.

    Oh, but you know what, this fucker is gonna make America great again, so its all good.

    • Francis says:

      Also, is treason even a thing anymore in the US, or did Trump popularize state betrayal?

    • Francis says:

      Also, is treason even a thing anymore in the US, or did Trump popularize state betrayal?

      • dave constable says:

        I know, he keeps making using material from foreign sources. He talked about Canada’s health care using info that only Ottawa would have access to. Treason!

        • Francis says:

          Data regarding Canadians seeking healthcare outside of Canada is readily available to anyone who seeks it. It also happens to be a topic discussed at length in Canada within the context of our healthcare system. Trump’s campaign evidently picked up on the discussion and massively over exaggerated the numbers and scale to make a disjointed point.

          Learn your shit before you get snarky. Otherwise you look like a facetious dick.

          Surely thats not what you were going for.

  5. P. Brenn says:

    HRC is going to win because of the organization she has in place….

    • PJH says:

      You have to be in awe of it…….initially with her speaking to small crowds, I questioned what was happening to her campaign……now 18.000?…..methinks they were holding back for the days when it really mattered……giving the sense of building the big “mo”…….Meanwhile Trumps crowds have appeared to have peaked……along with his campaign……You really have to hand it to Ms. Clinton, and her campaign team…….

  6. Dan Calda says:

    The Senate is almost as important as Potus.
    This election is about Supreme Court appointees.

    The Republicans get that…I wish all the Clinton haters would.

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