10.07.2016 11:03 AM

SFH: Donald Trump Is An Asshole!

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  1. dave constable says:

    Good news for Clinton campaign fans is that LA Times/USC tracking shows Clinton campaign catching up. (Most other national polls continue t have Clinton ahead.)

    Don’t like to see people suffering, but I’ll watch the debate Sunday to see if either of the Big Two mentions climate change given what’s happening in the Caribbean and the Atlantic littoral.

    • Warren says:

      Um, every poll.

      ■QUIN: CLINTON +6
      ■PRRI: CLINTON +6
      ■NOLA: CLINTON +8
      ■REUT: CLINTON +7
      ■FDUP: C+9
      ■CBS: C+6
      ■NBC: C+6
      ■CNN: C+5
      ■MC: C+6

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