10.13.2016 01:48 PM

Watch this


  1. Harvey Bushell says:

    That’s powerful.

  2. Lukelele says:

    That is a powerful piece of video, for sure.

    Are the quotes and everything specifically in the context of black protesters, other minority protesters, or Black Lives Matter protesters? Or did they mine quotes directed at protesters generally and imply that they are directed at black people or other visible minorities? Because the former is a huge deal and very compelling, but the latter would make the piece misleading, which is not good.

    I am looking forward to that documentary.

  3. dave constable says:

    Good stuff…this along with child porn allegations takes my mind off Trans Pacific Partnership deal, confrontation with Russia and China, climate change related events, degradation of our oceans, …and assorted other trivia.

    • Derek Pearce says:

      But when the former is true you can sure as shit bet that as prez the rest of your concerns are out the goddamn window. Please don’t tell me you think (Hilary’s faults aside) that Trump would deal in an effective way with your concerns? This is the GOP’s fault that serious issues aren’t looked at– they nominated an unserious candidate.

  4. Tim says:

    When Clinton called half of all Trump supporters deplorables, I was disheartened that she only said “half”.

    • Francis says:

      I’m disappointed she didn’t call them racist fucking assholes who don’t possess the emotional and intellectual intelligence to deserve any respect.

      Funny thing is these shit-stains now take pride in calling themselves “deplorables”.

      They’re too scared to outright call themselves bigots, though.

      I hope they take to calling themselves pussies as well now.

  5. Francis says:


    Almost difficult to watch.

  6. James Smith says:

    The difference between this & last years campaign here is at least the odious comments by Leech & Alexander weren’t amped up & used to fan these flames. So Mr T was able to say “conservatives are our family friends and neighbours”.
    This so-called “billionaire” has no idea what the real world of American is, & his campaign is only about his so called brand of hatred. I really resent that I know anything about this person.
    What a pathetic soulless lonely bald old man he must be.

  7. Ron says:

    The Great Inciter seems to like the idea of Civil War II.

    Somehow he must think it is good for ‘business’.

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