11.20.2016 02:59 PM

Donald Uber Alles: Manitoba

Trump Virus spreads: now at the University of Manitoba this week. Spotted by Prof. Helmust-Harry Loewen. 


  1. Francis says:

    Its kinda starting to feel like this is an intentional effort to troll people.

    The text, style and lexicon of these posters are very similar and almost on-the-nose provocative. Not to mention its the same 2 or 3 websites mentioned on all of these posters.

    I think we should refrain from getting angry just yet and see if we can catch these guys. Because I’d be stunned if these “perps” weren’t 20-something year old virgins who have no female friends and live in complete recluse watching weird ass porn 7 hours a day.

    Honestly, we shouldn’t fear these losers but should mock them. Its obvious they’ve got absolutely nothing going on in their pathetic lives, why give them the satisfaction of taking them serious?

    Lets name and shame; good ol’ tar and feathering.

  2. BillBC says:

    Possibly followers of the philosophy of Saul Alinsky posting this stuff to incite predictable outrage?

  3. Merrill Smith says:

    I’m suspicious of this one. It doesn’t say your not alone, so it must be fake.

  4. Kelly says:

    This is on an indoor bulletin board. The Perp would be on security camera. Should be ID’d, named, shamed and expelled if student, fired if staff. Clear violation of code of conduct for both.

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