11.08.2016 04:40 PM

If we could vote, we’d vote for her – and not just against him


  1. dave constable says:

    Could happen…could happen…

    …but for me there is still that poll that reads, for some weeks now, that around 65% of those polled think their country is going in the wrong direction. I do wonder if they will vote for an admin that will keep the same direction, and even accelerate it.

    • doconnor says:

      There are an infinite number of ways to change, but a lot of them are worse or nonsensical.

      • dave constable says:

        True…Trump has benefited from support that wants any kind of change, for the sake of a change. A fair number of voters seem to want to just put it to Washington and what they see as the insiders.
        That kind of sentiment has hurt the Clinton campaign, as well. Each time her experience is touted as a plus for her, others see it as evidence of another insider.

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