11.09.2016 12:33 AM

My present mood


  1. Cory says:

    It was going to get ugly no matter who won.

  2. Sean McLaughlin says:

    Huge win tonight for Putin and the KKK/fellow travellers. This is the lowest point for western democracy since the 1930s.

    You left out arrests of critical journalists and probably a few other unspeakably terrible things…

    • Purple Library Guy says:

      Doubtless true, and the KKK part is very bad. But the Putin part, not so bad. Putin’s general approach to international affairs is basically more sensible and positive than anything we’ve seen out of Washington in many a year; more international influence for Putin is one of the few silver linings to this whole thing.

      • Mark says:

        It’s true. Russia’s invasion and annexation of a part of a neighboring country has been a much more sensible approach to foreign affairs. And really, what has been more positive than their deliberate bombing of hospitals and civilians in Aleppo and other parts of Syria?

        You see a silver lining, I see zinc-lined coffins.

      • The Doctor says:

        Yeah, shooting down civilian airliners and then lying your face off about it — that’s very sensible and positive.

      • Sean McLaughlin says:

        Putin forced the West to impose sanctions that crippled the Russian economy because he choose to go to war with Georgia and the Ukraine. Russian forces committed war crimes in Syria and Russian proxies were responsible for the murder of 298 passengers of MH17… He has turned his country into a pariah. This is sensible foreign policy?

  3. Charlie says:

    So that settles it, America is the shittiest, most racist and sexist country in the world.

    Very glad to be a Canadian right now.

  4. Matt says:

    Would you want to be part of Trump’s Secret Service detail?

  5. Cory says:

    Honestly, all those things have been happening for the last 8 years

  6. MikeTO says:

    All disruptions are disruptive, roll man

  7. Orbust says:

    Ha ha, Kinsella you fucking weasel! You craven neoliberal POS. You fucking liar. If your mood gets really bad, just remember: there’s always suicide!

  8. Kevin says:

    Oh dear God.

  9. Daryl gordon says:

    This falls squarely in the lap of the Democratic Party. They knew Clinton was corrupt, dishonest, and completely unlikable. Still she was awarded the nomination like she owned it. The party ran a sham primary, the result predetermined by back room manipulation.

    Mainstream media gave her a free ride, Justice Department gave her numerous get out of jail free cards, Obama provided political cover. Clinton still couldn’t escape the black cloud of corruption and lies that follows her.

    New attorney general, Republican majority, many scores to settle, how many heads roll before this is over?

    • Frank Garrett says:

      Exactly, the Democrats have nobody to blame but themselves.

    • dave constable says:

      I approve of this message.

    • The Doctor says:

      There is an unfortunate thing that happens with the Dems when somebody is a presumptive front-runner and, most importantly, has control of the main party machinery (and the associated connections, endorsements and deposits in the favour bank). They end up getting the nomination, despite the fact that they’re not a terribly attractive or charismatic candidate. And they lose the general election.

      In that sense, we have seen this movie before: Carter 1980, Mondale 1984.

  10. MississaugaPeter says:

    The sun will come up again in a few hours.

    And all this will also pass.

  11. Ron says:

    “The only ones left with any confidence at all are the New Dumb. It is the beginning of the end of our world as we knew it. Doom is the operative ethic.”

    ~ Hunter S. Thompson (Kingdom of Fear, 2004)

  12. Lance says:

    The polling industry got it spectacularly wrong. So did the MSM. There are a lot ordering crow, but then there is ALWAYS a lot of the menu item in the freezer.

    Lots of jubilant hive fives around the office party tonight. And some tears, which by the way, are absolutley delicious.

    Lordy lordy, its a Trump majority!!!!!! Whooooo hoooo!!!!!

    Senate AND House majority….my my, it just keeps getting sweeter LOL.

    Orange is the new pantsuit. No way Obama hitches his wagon to this hearse on the way out of his legacy door. No way to keep the sharks coming Hillary. You. Are. Done.

    • Elsie Marley says:

      Trump & his supporters are world renowned for their puerile & punitive hyperbole.

      America trumps the world and officially presents the famous Ugly American cliche – as President. In Mexico (and elsewhere) Jesus wept.

    • The Doctor says:

      My, how gracious and classy you are in victory. Speaks volumes.

  13. jennifer stewart says:

    “I have seen the enemy and the enemy is us.”

    • Merrill Smith says:

      Sorry to be pedantic…no I’m not, I like being pedantic. It’s “We have met the enemy and he is us.” I have the book right here on my desk.

  14. Harvey bushell says:

    So, I’ve been asleep for the last 12 hours. Anything interesting happen? You won’t believe the weird horrible dream I had.

  15. Thank God the Liberals are legalizing marijuana because I plan to spend the next four years stoned out of my mind.

  16. doconnor says:

    So begins the Dark Times. This will embolden the European Fascists and others around the would.

    Millions will die, if only from the delays dealing with Global Warming.

    • billg says:

      800,000 butchered human beings in Syria in 5 years, ya that Global weather thing is horrible.
      Dark Times? My god people are foolish. I’ve heard this lament when Reagan won, when Clinton won, when Bush won, and, 8 years ago when Obama won, get a new line.
      When Stephen Harper won some progressives were threatening to move to the US because Abortion and SSM were about to be abolished.
      A year ago when a very young and very popular Justin Trudeau won the Right was almost as apoplectic.
      Like the results, don’t like the results, what difference does it make, the people for what ever reason voted for change.
      He wasn’t my choice and I believe HRC is paying the price for being a life time public servant, however, the arrogance of people to mock someone else’s democratic choice is unbelievable.
      Republican House, Senate and President, no pressure there at all.
      Good speeches by Obama and Clinton today…you got big shoes to fill Mr Trump, good luck.

  17. BillBC says:

    Warren, can you say something about polls and pollsters? I’m wondering what the point of them is when they are so spectacularly wrong…

    • Warren says:

      People lied to them.

      • BillBC says:

        there’s not much point in polling then, is there…

      • monkey says:

        Hillary actually got almost exactly the percentage of votes the polls said she would. Where they messed up is it appears a lot of those who said they were undecided ended up backing Trump. In particular appears amongst college educated whites as well as even minorities he even performed. As shocking as it seems he got 2 percent more amongst both Blacks and Latinos than clinton. I also wonder with the state polling if they didn’t weight it properly as it appears the urban areas swung in Clinton’s favour and rural areas heavily in Trump and i’ve heard often rural voters tend to be under sampled. Normally doesn’t matter but he run up the margins so much it put him over the top in several states.

      • The Doctor says:

        No doubt some of that went on. But I read a good piece this morning that surmised that most pollsters got their demographic weighting and modelling wrong. One aspect of modern polling is assuming turnout from certain demographics, and the conventional thing to do is to base that turnout assumption on past voting behaviour from that demographic group.

        In this case, it appears that there was a highly energized, motivated turnout from a cohort of, e.g., non-college educated whites that was way above their predicted participation rate.

  18. jenL says:

    We all love a good panic attack…but ultimately this is democracy.
    Americans voted. Did I want him to win no, but now it’s up to Americans who voted for him to hold him accountable. They chose to believe he will make a better president inspite of his language and his actions. Hilary was the better candidate but Americans wanted change. Much like Brexit, people want change. Is all change good? Now that’s the bigger question.

  19. monkey says:

    I hope you are wrong, but fear you will be right. The next decade could be a very ugly one. Just be thankful we didn’t create it here.

    • Cory says:

      Its coming here. We’re not immune, we’re just always late to the party. JT is our Obama: a lot of high hopes and expectations of change and after 8 years nothing much will have changed. The question is what is the anti-establishment vote for us? The CP or the NDP?

      • monkey says:

        True, but hopefully its not someone as extreme or crazy. Maybe wishful thinking but my hope is whenever Trudeau is replaced his replacement is a reasonable alternative not a demagogue, but we shall see. I do think though if the experience of Trump is bad, that will make winning for right wing populists a lot tougher for at least a decade or more (eventually people forget about the past).

  20. jay says:

    Didn’t Donald ask the same question re: elections?

  21. Greg From Calgary says:

    $2 ski day at Norquay!!! See, there are still plenty of things to look forward too.

  22. P. Brenn says:

    good luck ..whether it was Trump or Clinton…the massive debt hole the US has dug is unmanageable

    Global warming is an issue but are kids are being screwed by debts they are inheriting in US and everywhere – American cities going bankrupt, pension funds massively underfunded, healthcare is not handling todays issues let alone coming massive increase in needs as we age, addiction issues, mental health issues, gun issues, blah…

    Add the mess the rest of the world is in and its is scary

    Trump cant solve but neither could Hillary or Obama or Bush or Abe Lincoln…

    We are all in for some tough times regardless of politics

    I am glad I am Canadian yes but to believe what happens in US will not have major impact on us is silly

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