01.11.2017 09:30 AM

Oh my, the little Trumpkins are upset about “false news”

Tinkle, tinkle, little czar.

Two things about that: one, I’m guessing that the Unpresident is starting to regret dissing the intelligence community; and, two, it is all quite believable when one considers the unchallenged factual record shows that Trump has a history of sexual assault and perversity (to wit, raping a child).

So I hope your tiny black hearts explode over this, little Trump babies. I hope you choke on it.


  1. Matt says:

    While I’m no Trump fan, something called 4Chan (I’m 41, so have no idea what that is) is reporting they are responsible for the information in these documents. They called it Trump fan fiction.

    They claim they sent the info to anti-Trump pundit Rick Wilson who thought it was real and he then sent it to the CIA, who then put it in their official report re Russian involvement in the recent election.

    We are officially in Bizzaro World.

  2. Harvey bushell says:

    Had too much time this am so I made this…


  3. Daryl gordon says:

    Not choking at all, laughing out loud at the death throes of left wing media and the lame duck Obama appointees making another pathetic attempt at discrediting Trump before the inauguration.

    Don’t forget Trump is replacing all various intelligence heads immediately in the clean sweep coming soon. Let’s wait and see what information emerges without the automatic left wing spin.

    I’m spending the winter in south Florida, play golf every morning as a single. Of all the people I pair up with, the vast majority are more than willing to give Trump a fair chance. Everyone knew his personality going in, they just care what he’s going to do for the country now. People are sick and tired of the Clintons and other professional politicians, most want change.

    • The Doctor says:

      Yes, the American military-intelligence community– that notorious nest of leftists.

      Do you realize how ridiculous you sound?

    • Kelly says:

      It’s not a left wing hit job; it’s a right wing hit job. The ball got rolling as a result of McCain sending a dossier to intelligence. Trump is a danger to anyone currently in any official position as well as any one who believes in a more fair and just world. Tragically many dissilussioned voters on both the left and right voted for Trump because they hope the whole system just gets blown to hell and then a bright shiny new earth can be built from scratch. Problem is, Trump could give us a new earth alright – – just that nobody would be around to see it.

  4. rww says:

    #Trump #Pervertgate #allegations sound like the kind of #FakeNews #Trupmpsters spread about #Clinton . BUT it’s Trump, so who knows …

  5. rww says:

    @Daryl gordon

    Really after all these decades the intelligence community renowned for going after JFK and MLK and anyone who shares their toys as communists has suddenly become left wing

  6. Bill Templeman says:

    I know I am going to get flamed for this, but as a way to judge the veracity of this story, how about conducting an online inventory of mainstream media sites to see who has run with this story? Globe has it, CBC has it, T.O. Star has it, NYT has it. Doesn’t mean it is true, of course, but a bunch of editors are reporting at least Trump’s denials of it.

  7. Daryl gordon says:

    The heads of intelligence agencies are political appointees and except for leaks from rogue operatives generally toe the party line. Is it not apparant that Obama et al are doing everything possible to poison the water?

  8. Richard says:

    There’s something tremendously poetic about the whole fiasco. Regardless of whether or not the salacious details are true (and really, the holy-shit-this-is-much-more important aspect of Trump silencing himself on Ukraine in exchange for Russian favour) after all the Wikileaks and the false information and the fake news and all the other untrue things that people made up to discredit Clinton–many of which Trump encouraged or at minimum refused to disavow–this story hitting Trump right in the face on the same day that a man of such class and decency as Barack Obama says farewell could not have been more perfectly timed. After Obama, in almost every way America has signed up for the un-Obama.

  9. Charlie says:

    Fuck them.

    For over a year they trumpeted fake news and unsubstantiated accusations about Clinton; now that theres some unverified allegations about Trump relating to Russian intelligence and suddenly they grow a conscience?

  10. billg says:

    Regardless of what is thrown at him over the next 4 years 62 million people are pretty much guaranteed to vote for him again, get people back to work in the four swing states that won him his Presidency and the ones that matter wont care what CNN or any of the major outlets report, they just wont care.
    Ms Streep had a chance to dial down the rhetoric, but, she fed the beast, that’s fuel to him.
    Democrats had better decide how they want to play this, because its so very obvious that yelling Fire isn’t working.
    Its going to get to the point where the worst possible case for the Left is if he is successful, then what do they do.

  11. Ronald O'Dowd says:


    I’m surprised that the top 1% haven’t pissed themselves over a Trump presidency because 2017 is really going to be their year!

  12. P. Brenn says:

    regardless of wing ..this is bad for all …news media got to regroup and start reporting based on facts

  13. Kevin says:

    Doesn’t matter. If it is “fake” news, then tough, they’re hoist with their own petard.

    If it’s not, then who could be surprised, really?

    And in either case, the story of the president and the pissing prostitutes will go down in history.

  14. Nicole says:

    Remember when Rob Ford smoking crack couldn’t possibly be true? And the video didn’t exist?

    • Matt says:

      Not a good comparison.

      The reporters who broke the story had seen the video with their own eyes.

      • Dan Calda says:

        Is it real?
        Is it bs?
        Who knows…but the BBC is now digging…they do take Russian spying seriously. Early days…but they may have corroboration.

  15. merrill smith says:

    And let’s not forget who repeatedly claimed, falsely, that Barack Obama had been born in Kenya. That his Hawaiian birth certificate was a fake. And the same guy insists that he never mocked a disabled reporter even though the video evidence is, or should be, undeniable. Trumpo Marx asks us to believe him and not our own eyes.

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