01.29.2017 09:51 PM

Quebec City


  1. Ridiculosity says:

    It is a very dark night in Canada.

  2. Matt says:

    Reuters reporting the 2 suspects in custody are known Quebec White Supremacists.

    Also reporting police have seized an AK-47. If true it will be interesting to see where they got it as the AK-47 is prohibited in Canada. Perhaps from a group in the US?

    You have experience with hate groups Warren, do the groups in Canada work together with those in the States?

    • Matt says:

      Internet chatter now claims the suspects names were used on police radio and are Syrian refugee’s who arrived in Canada last week. Not going to repeat their names here as the report is unconfirmed

      Going to have to wait for the police to update I guess.

    • Matt says:

      It wasn’t actually Reuters twitter that identified the suspects as white supremacists, but a “parody twitter” caller Reuter.

    • Eric Weiss says:

      And people wonder how “Fake News” spreads so fast?

  3. P. Jackson says:

    Quebec Fascism

    2017: Quebec Mosque Massacre
    2013: Quebec Charter
    1970: October Crisis orchestrated by revolutionary, anti-religion FLQ
    1940: thousands of pro-Fascist Quebecois interned, including mayor of Montreal Camillien Houde

    Quebec is the dark heart of French supremacism. All refugees and migrants should be henceforth settled there to diversify it – by extreme force and martial law if necessary.

  4. Ronald O'Dowd says:


    Time for me and my fellow citizens to keep a cool head and not go off the deep end.

  5. Rich W says:

    I suspect there are a number of possible reasons why this attack occurred up to and including hatreds and power struggles that are usually seen only in the mid-east, they may have carried over here and have nothing to do with Canada. Also, I think it will a bit of a wait to get a clear picture.

    • Robert Frindt says:

      “…including hatreds and power struggles that are usually seen only in the mid-east, …”

      but, but…but… I thought diversity was our greatest strength… ?

  6. Ronald O'Dowd says:


    Our thoughts and prayers are with the families and friends of those killed, injured and otherwise affected by this senseless tragedy. One suspect seems to have been confirmed by police.

  7. Dan Calda says:

    Dispicable cowards.
    Stay strong Quebec…and let’s have a massive turnout tonight at all the vigils in support of our muslim brothers and sisters.

  8. Eric Weiss says:

    Maybe wait until the bodies are cold and the facts known until you start pushing political agendas.

  9. Miles Lunn says:

    Terrible news and this why we must double our efforts to end hate, not promote it. What is disgusting is many on the alt-right are falsely proclaiming it was Muslims who did this even though it was a Quebec born man who did this. Shows just how low life the alt-right are. I am not just saddened, but mad that we as a society haven’t done more to stand up to bigotry and Islamophobia as when you stay silent on bigotry this is what happens.

  10. daveconstable says:

    I understand that as I type this, one fellow is being charged in court in Quebec City. Apparently the other fellow named was a witness to the crime.
    I have seen some internet stuff related to motive, but, that kind of speculation often has more to do with the person or website publishing it, than with the crime and the person charged. Sometimes I think that I (and likely you) get into the same scoop frenzy the main media is in, trying to impress each other with what detail we know.

    A side issue that struck me today its that the media this morning (BC time) gave out names of two suspected shooters. Apparently many main media websites published those names. This afternoon, after police announced one fellow was a witness, not a suspect, those names were erased.
    The erasures seem appropriate in this situation, but it does cross my mind how easily information can disappear down the memory hole…within hours.

  11. Bill Templeman says:

    Fear not, Canada! Courageous Rebel Commander Ezra Levant is sending in his intrepid shock troops. He will find out what really happened in Quebec, who did it and why. Trouble is, Commander Ez has to hold a bake sale to raise the cash to put his folks on a plane to QC. Could you perhaps buy a muffin from him to help out the cause? You know, they’ll need to take taxis, buy donuts and all to fuel their efforts to bring us the Truth.


    “What’s really going on at the mosque in Quebec City?

    Last night, two armed gunmen burst in, killing 6 and wounding 19 more. It was a horrendous attack that must be condemned.

    And immediately it was. But within minutes, before any facts were in, the mainstream media had already made up their mind about what happened: it was “Islamophobia”. Some journalists — and even a Muslim Quebec politician — said that Donald Trump was to blame.

    But an eyewitness at the mosque said one of the gunmen shouted “Allah Akbar”. That’s what a Muslim terrorist says, not an “Islamophobe”.

    At their press conference this morning, Quebec police refused to name the two suspects taken into custody last night. Why?

    But the names leaked out anyways: Alexandre Bissonnette — and a Muslim named Mohamed Khadir, who was later called a “witness” by police.

    What’s going on here — did a Muslim attack a mosque? And who is Bissonnette — a friend of Khadir? A convert to Islam? Or an anti-Muslim murderer?

    What are the facts? And can we trust the mainstream media to tell us the truth?

    I don’t know the answers. But I know this for sure: we won’t get the whole story from the CBC, or the rest of the mainstream media. They’re less concerned about straight reporting, and more concerned with protecting the official narrative — Muslims are victims, not terrorists; Canadians are racists; anyone worried about radical Islam is a bigot.

    You could practically hear their disappointment to learn that one of the men arrested last night is named Mohamed.

    Well, we don’t know all the facts yet either. But unlike the CBC, we intend to uncover the truth, not bury it.

    So this morning, our own Faith Goldy went to Quebec City with our cameraman Alex — as I write this e-mail, they on her way to the crime scene. She’ll ask real questions, and follow the facts wherever they lead.

    We’ve set up a special website for all of Faith’s reports from Quebec — click here or visit http://www.QuebecTerror.com. Make sure you go there for the other side of the story, especially if you’re getting your news from the Trudeau propagandists at the CBC.

    Booking a flight for Faith and Alex on short notice cost us $1,276. And two hotel rooms, for two nights, was another $560. Add in cab fare and some meals, and we’ll be close to $2,000. If you can help us crowdfund the costs of this trip, please do — by clicking here, or visiting http://www.QuebecTerror.com.

    Thanks for your support.

    Yours truly,

    Ezra Levant

    P.S. This is a very important story, and it will be covered extensively by the CBC — in fact, Faith told me that Peter Mansbridge, and his whole luxury entourage, were on the same flight to Quebec City as her.

    You can see why: the CBC is already working hard to downplay the fact that at least one of the arrested men is Muslim himself. On the front page of the CBC’s website right now, they’re literally promoting a story claiming Trump is causing hatred here in Canada.

    P.P.S. Our entire budget for this trip is $2,000 — that’s probably Mansbridge’s nightly hotel bill. Unlike him, we don’t get $1.5 billion a year from Justin Trudeau. We rely 100% on viewers like you. If you can help us, please do, by clicking here. And tell all your friends to tune into http://www.QuebecTerror.com too.”

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