02.21.2017 12:51 PM

Ontario PCs make a smart (and tolerant) move

To wit:

Ontario’s Progressive Conservative leader says he will support a Liberal MPP’s anti-Islamophobia motion and hopes his caucus will do the same.

Refusing to wade into the debate over a similar motion in the House of Commons that has exposed divisions with federal Conservatives, Patrick Brown said “we will always condemn any form of hate.”

“What those of the Muslim faith have to go through right now it horrible…Quebec was a wakeup call that it does happen,” he added, referring to a recent fatal mosque shooting.

Smart. Very, very smart. Why?

1. It’s just a resolution, not legislation.

2. It reflects what’s been done many times in the past, on anti-Semitism, etc.

3. It smartly avoids falling into the trap the CPC fell into.

Waiting for this guy to make big mistakes – the Gandalf the Wizard strategy, apparently – isn’t going to work.

This is yet more proof.


  1. BlueGritr says:

    Ontario will see a $1.9-billion deficit for the fiscal year ending March 31st; and the province is heading towards a balanced budget in the 2017-18 fiscal year. When this happens, the Ontario Tories are toast. Small measures (like this one) won’t mean anything at election time. It’ll be another big win for Wynne.

    • Warren says:

      I’d like it a lot better if you put your real name beside your predictions, like I do.

    • Matt says:

      Yeah, $1.9 billion after raiding $600 million out of the $1 billion emergency fund.

      What won’t matter at election time is Wynne naked attempts at self preservation regarding hydro rates and all her other recent “I feel your pain” nonsense.

      This shit has been going on for 10 years. The Liberals ignored it because they kept getting re-elected.

      But now Wynne’s popularity numbers are at 18% and the election is a mere 16 months away and the Ontario PC’s are raising cash like crazy.

      OPG has applied to the OEB for a rate increase. Cap and Trade just getting going. Any “savings” Wynne finds will be negated as soon as they are implemented.

      Having said all that the PC’s need to be on their game. They can’t under estimate her. She will do anything to save her own skin.

      • Robert Viera says:

        The Ontario PC’s “are raising cash like crazy”?

        I just checked the real-time contribution disclosure on Elections Ontario’s website, and it shows the Ontario PC Party have reported 138 contributions totaling $38,266 so far in 2017.

        Despite having had the biggest fundraising haul in 2016, the Ontario PCs had far fewer contributions than the Liberals and NDP.

        With corporate contributions now banned, contribution limits dramatically lowered, and the by-election loophole closed, the PCs won’t be able to raise $100,000 from a billionaire, his wife, and his numbered companies in a single day like they did one day last fall.

    • Derek Pearce says:

      I’m a long-time Liberal supporter (& sometimes member) and even I can see that Wynne is toasty toast no matter what. Maybe, just maybe they could pull it out of the hat if she resigned and they chose a new leader but even that is quite doubtful.

  2. Luke says:

    Smart and obvious. The PCs really don’t need to go all far-right crazy. They have a huge lead and just need to maintain it by seeming not-so-bad to centrists and the NDP-PC swing voter.

  3. Ronald O'Dowd says:


    Wynne needs to be as proactive as possible. She has to stand for something new that people WANT. It’s the classic what have you done for me lately? Like you said, waiting for the other guy to royally screw up or show his “true” colours ain’t a strategy and can’t amount to a win. (And I’m not even a war room guy.)

  4. Nicole says:

    If he continues shaking off the social conservative haters in his party he will be the next premier of Ontario. People do want a change at this point and it is only the bigoted nonsense that turns off the centrists. Hydro costs are being spoken of by people who voted Liberal last time and they are looking for another option.

    This is a very smart move and similar to Harper’s approach to get elected the first time.

  5. Mario says:

    Fixing hydro rates will be a band-aid solution that will only add to the deficit by offering rebates or hydro dividend payments.

    The cupboard is getting bare in terms of what the province can still sell off.

  6. billg says:

    She should promise with all her heart Electoral Reform.
    See if the Dippers and Greens fall for it provincially.

  7. bluegreenblogger says:

    Sure, he has been trying hard. And I think it is working. He has been sticking to his guns. Now you and I know that his Party is just muting their base instincts for electoral gain, but the big wide Province will sort of believe the PC’s are ‘better’ now. I am still waiting for the Dippers to do something, anything. Not a big fan, but I am not understanding why they are so lame and un-inspiring.

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