02.04.2017 05:27 PM

This Irish Senator speaks for me

…and for those of us who long for someone to have this much honesty and courage here. 


  1. Kevin says:

    Aontaím leat.

  2. Ronald O'Dowd says:


    Of course, taking a stand is the right thing to do. But I worry that in the U. S. that if the situation is allowed to become white-hot then civil war will be the almost certain end result. God help America if things go there.

  3. Luke says:

    Holy shit, that is awesome.

  4. cynical says:

    Great stuff.
    Thanks, Warren. I’d post via Facebook if I weren’t under such pushback to keep it a place for cat pictures.

    On second thought…

    On another note, it’s great to see a speaker in a parliamentary setting allowed to say his/her piece without witless catcalling from the benches.

  5. Eric Weiss says:

    The 50K Irish illegals in America have nothing to worry about unless they’re brown or Muslim. If they’re white Trump and his flying monkeys don’t care.

  6. daveconstable says:

    Leader of the 3rd party in our HoC has used the term fascist/fascism publicly 3 times that I know of. But, it’s NDP, so it doesn’t count.
    Some minority party legislator from a country across the Atlantic? That counts.

  7. Bill Templeman says:

    All this moral outrage is so much hot air without being backed up by actions. Canada needs to be the refuge we want the US to be; we need to step up to the plate without pissing off Americans who believe in Trump. If the tables were turned, we would be going ballistic over “Yankee meddling” in Canada’s politics. If memory serves me well, haven’t a few elections been won up here on that very point? Dief the Chief? P.E.T.?

      • Bill Templeman says:

        Sorry Warren, Chamberlain in 1938 is not Trudeau in 2017. Different situation. Hitler was an ideologue. Trump is a narcissist. Noam Chomsky explains it all far more clearly than me. Sorry, the interviewer is a bit of a distraction but Chomsky is definitely worth listening to…really smart guy. https://youtu.be/4sy5NerOHhc

        • sean libertarian says:

          Thx Bill for the link, I wish more liberals / progressives could be more like Chomsky, no theatrics wild name calling without facts to support, just critiques leaders for their pros and cons regardless if they are liberal or conservative etc. One of the best liberal minds out there right or wrong and classy.

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