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  1. Pythia says:

    Very accurate representation

  2. sean mclaughlin says:

    Sounds about right. About two weeks ago I spotted a guy with a Confederate flag front license plate, which is not too unusual around these parts. A curious choice, however, for a Hyundai. I think it would be fair of me to assume that this probable Trump voter scores a yes on unintelligent, dishonest, immoral, and close-minded.

    Here’s a general philosophical question. Say you were a “small l” liberal Canuck living in one of the deep red states Trump carried by 30+ points. This is part of the country that went heavily for GWB, Reagan, and Nixon in their days as well as losers John McCain and Mitt Romney, but did vote for Bill Clinton and Carter (the first time post-Watergate). On getting American citizenship in a couple of years, which party do you join? The Dems, the party that aligns with your views but has no realistic chance of winning the state, in the hopes of voting in a centrist nominee that could win over some moderate Republicans, or the Republicans, the party that will win the state, in the hopes of voting in a centrist nominee that wouldn’t damage the country as much as the aforementioned Republican presidents?

  3. dave constable says:

    I lived and worked in our oil patch in BC for over 40 years. I usually supported and sometimes belonged to the NDP. In federal election we might get up to 20% because we were linked to Prince George and Mackenzie; provincially, we would get 10 to 18 %. It was a slog that way.
    But here are a lot of other things you do besides run in elections and vote. There are always scads of local needs: school board, lunch programmes, municipal government, and assorted other ways to contribute to your community pitching in as a volunteer or running for elected office. As well, you want to keep your views, and the views of those like minded, in the mix.
    Besides, if you stick to your leanings, you can always think about, and find a way to support, Tulsi Gabbard, and what she stands for.

    On your 2nd option, in the 1970’s somewhere, some nefarious leftie cronies of mine bought So Cred memberships and went to a So Cred nomination meeting just before a provincial election. The meeting was sparsely attended by the local Socred stalwarts, so the cronies nominated a weak candidate to compete against the shoe in sitting MLA for the nomination. The exec sweated a bit, made a lot of phone calls, and put off the vote until close to midnight so that true socreds could get to the meeting and vote.

  4. P. Brenn says:

    america is imploding..wait until stock market blows up, more pension funds , cities go bust , inflation sky rockets, jobs lost and rioting begins, and some of the 300,000,000 million guns get going….north korea , middle east , china, russia will not be biggest issue…we wont be immune either

  5. sean mclaughlin says:

    I’ll add to the previous post by saying that I could have choked back a vote for Hillary in November, but would’ve voted for John Kasich if he were on the ballot. I prefer candidates that a) aren’t dicks; and b) have some humility. Banner is way less important than that criteria.

    Anyway… a doctor’s visit here costs $100 out of pocket, even with health insurance from a public university. If Americans got a taste of Canadian-style health care, 90% of them would vote for Bernie Sanders.

  6. pat says:

    It’s a toxic atmosphere. In business they talk about relationships, but then you live in a place that’s hyper-partisan and realize they’re incapable of that. And also – just to be clear – I know a lot of lazy immoral conservatives – I don’t think political parties of any stripe have a monopoly on that quality.

  7. pat says:

    If you are a liberal in a hyper-partisan conservative place they’ll treat you like a second class citizen, but that liberal could cross the border and make a deal for your company – i mean it’s sad how they think, and when they start talking about economics and hard work it falls on deaf ears because it’s a hold-back culture – when you actively hold people back for a different point of view then what do you have to say about anybody. Somebody should tell folks that inbreeding causes disease, and if you want your country, or mine to get ahead maybe opening your mind is a better option than self-glorified bullshit.

  8. Tim White says:

    No numbers are above 50%, save the view of Democrats that Republicans are close minded.

    That number is the frightening one to me. How the hell are they going to have a conversation in 2018?

    Self righteous people are a pain in the ass.

    • Kelly says:

      Good observation. Most people wouldn’t agree with the positions in the graphic. Let’s hope it stays that way for the sake of peace.

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