03.22.2017 10:43 PM

CNN says “breaking news” too often. But this really was breaking news.


  1. Eric Weiss says:

    And Trump supporters still won’t care. Nothing is more important than them being allowed to victimize Muslims, Mexicans and hate minorities openly again.

  2. Lyndon Dunkley says:

    Obvious partisan BS to counteract Nunes’s obvious partisan BS.

    No one is bringing down Trump with “suggestions” and “may have’s”.

  3. dave constable says:

    For over a decade the Putin regime and assorted Central and Western European regimes have mulled over the possibilities in Lisbon to Vladivostok trade and commerce connections, and for almost a decade China and other South Asian regimes have been building the One Belt One Road (OBOR) infrastructure – including the maritime Silk Road with construction of ports from Shanghai to Africa.
    Washington has always put a lot of its eggs in the military basket, and if they cannot be i charge on projects like those in my first paragraph, a fair number of Washington big shots use violence to make sure things do not happen.
    I see the arming and support of anti Assad/Russia groups in Syria, building up of USA missile sites and NATO threats in East Europe, the replacement of the elected (albeit huckster-ish) government in Kiev with a USA group, NATO warships cruising the Black Sea, the squeeze on China – including use of North Korea to justify USA missile bases in South Korea…and all this palace intrigue in Washington, as manifestations of Washington’s increasing desperation to disrupt OBOR at any cost.

    Might be time to lease a condo in the Andes!

    • The Doctor says:

      Alcan thanks you for your patronage of its quality aluminum foil products.

      • dave constable says:

        I notice today that Canada’s request to become a member of the Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank has been approved. This is the bank that will finance rail and port projects for OBOR.
        Doctor, now you and I might even get in on the action and make a few renminbi to help pay for our digs next to all those big shots in the Andes….or maybe we can get something close to good old boy, George Bush, and his new ranch in Paraguay.

  4. Daryl gordon says:

    CNN puts out another article with no evidence, no corroborated witnesses, just inuendo and conjecture. This time as always, they have an out in the last paragraphs. “Evidence is difficult to obtain as Trump associates and Russian officials have ceased communication and / or are using new methods which are difficult to monitor ”

    Not exactly breaking news, just throwing smoke over the genuine news that Intel chairman Nunes obtained about surveillance (FISA ) and the widespread leaking of US citizens identities by intelligence agencies.

    All this comes about easily after Obamas’ going out the door executive order where he signed off on data sharing between NSA and other intelligence agencies. This order was Jan 17, 2017 and was condemned by the ACLU as compromising privacy rights of citizens.

    Remember this: according to FBI, NSA and others, there were no voting irregularities, there is no evidence of collusion by a foreign state and the Trump campaign. What there actually is : documented evidence of the Democratic party manipulation of the nomination, collusion with compliant media etc etc. Financial statements of the Clinton Foundation contain records of large financial transactions from Russia (Uranium One) while Clinton was in office and Podesta also has financial ties (Joule Unlimited)

    Recent Wikileaks drops regarding CIA capabilities in leaving selective electronic footprints at will on hacked information also casts doubt. Assange maintains that the Podesta dump was not from a state entity at all but was most likely leaked by a Democratic insider. No shortage of disgruntled people there to choose from.

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