03.03.2017 08:46 AM

Fully-clothed Warren on shirtless Justin

In which I provide a quote that is frankly incoherent:

Political Consultant Warren Kinsella says although the Prime Minister may have had nothing to do with the images surfacing, when it comes to image, the PM is smarter than you may think.

“I think this guy is a genius about how to use his image. Uses his image in a way that advances the country. Some of us here at Daisy Group worked on Hilary Clinton’s campaign and we heard it over and over again. Justin Trudeau is a hunk and why don’t you send him down here, to help us out. It was funny, but embarrassing because you want your prime minister taken seriously”.

If you can make any sense of that, whatsoever, feel free to drop me a line. Story link here.


  1. MississaugaPeter says:

    It is not only the Democrats that JT (not Justin Timberlake) has won over.


    How much I have knocked JT and the PMO staff in the past, I commend them for their incredible handling of the most serious threat to Canada in a decade: Trump.

  2. Matt says:

    Incoherent? No. But at first read maybe a little contradictory until one thinks about it.

    He uses his image to get Canada in the spotlight which is good, but when there, put your fucking shirt back on and get down to the seriuosness of the job of being the Prime Minister.

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