03.07.2017 01:03 PM

Mad Max’s pals


  1. Luke says:

    OMG, so many assholes. It’s getting tiring.

    I try hard to believe that people are fundamentally okay. It’s a difficult position to defend sometimes though.

  2. Eric Weiss says:

    I’ve never supported Wildrose, but at least WROC did the right thing, fired the idiot that put that up and pulled out of the screening. But Jesus… The fact ayes are running the asylum on the right in this country.

  3. Miles Lunn says:

    Disgusting. I fear with Trump’s election, he has emboldened all the misogynist and bigots who still wish we had a world dominated by white males to come out of the woods. I am a small c conservative but want nothing to do with this type of garbage.

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